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Does IFing still do you good if you eat the same amount?

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  • Does IFing still do you good if you eat the same amount?

    I IFed this morning and didn't get to start eating when I was beginning to get hungry, which meant by the time my first meal rolled around I was starving. I ate twice as much as I normally would have if I had breakfast. So the question is are there still benefits to IFing even if you eat about what you would've eaten had you not IFed?

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    Yes. There are benefits independent of calorie restriction associated with fasting. Search pubmed (or just Google) for studies if you want detials.


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      +1 That's the whole point.



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        The idea is that while fasting your body switches into a different mode of operation - as soon as you eat something, this mode is disrupted. In this alternate mode the body focuses on repairing tissue, and even if you eat the same amount on average as you would without fasting, there could be a benefit from allowing your body to occasionally enter this alternate mode. Or rather: Enter it more often or for longer durations, since even people who are on the SAD enter it during sleep. :-)
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          if'ing isn't necessarily about calorie restriction...though many folks tend to spontaneously eat less in an abbreviated feeding window. To answer the question -there does seem to be benefits to eating the same amount of calories in a shorter period, than spreading them out over the day. Mark wrote a blog post or two about it and you may want to check out the leangains site as well.
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            REally helps with digestion giving it a break.
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