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Pregnant cravings already... and different from my first pregnancy.

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  • Pregnant cravings already... and different from my first pregnancy.

    With my 1st child, I didn't eat well, lots of sugars, starches, less protein and fat (you're pregnant, you can eat whatever you want because it's the only time it's okay to get fat, right?) But by the time I gave birth I had high blood pressure, massive amounts of fluid retention, and was on bed rest, despite working out the whole pregnancy and eating "decently" (according to CW).

    I'm about 7 weeks pregnant right now and not having much morning sickness, thank goodness, but I am having some different cravings. I'm not craving sugar as much as I used to BEFORE I was pregnant (which is really a blessing!) but when I eat, I want a meal that is hearty, hot and usually some kind of comfort food. For example, can't eat my homemade chicken salad (made some the other day and almost puked), but I crave things like baked potatoes covered with cheese, butter, bacon and some beef BBQ or chicken fried steak with potatoes and corn. Chicken fried steak is not ideal, but wow it's so good right now

    While there is not a lot of veggies in there, I'm pleased that it hasn't been cravings for cookies, cakes, etc. I'm hoping it stays like this for the next few weeks! I'm still eating some grain products, because every now and then it's all I can handle, but I'm trying to find some alternatives. My sugar cravings right now are usually for some chocolate, sometimes with a little caramel mixed in there

    Just thought I would share! I'm proud that this little bugger wants meat!

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    I wasn't primal during either of my pregnancies... but they were opposite spectrum... w/dd I couldn't eat chicken at ALL the first trimester. W/ds the only thing I couldn't eat were oysters. w/both of them I ate tuna like it was on sale for $.30/can!!! I couldn't get enough of it. Also w/ds I ate steak almost every day of the week in my 1st trimester

    I wonder if a primal pregnancy would have been easier on my physically? I was on bed rest w/ds b/c of really high BP from the stress at work.
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