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Increasing carbs before cholesterol test?

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  • Increasing carbs before cholesterol test?

    Am I correct in recalling that it is advisable a to consume a higher level of carbs before a cholesterol test or else the results will be wrong?

    I have bloodwork scheduled for next week. I try to stick to 50 grams or less. If so, how high should I bump them?

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    If I remember correctly, this applies only to glucose tolerance tests, NOT cholesterol tests. Eating higher carb will bump up your fasting triglycerides usually.

    Eating low carb (specifically palamitic acid) causes insulin resistance so if you take a glucose tolerance test, you might appear to be diabetic. Actually insulin resistance is good and necessary on a low-carb diet. If it didn't occur, your muscles would eat up all the glucose and your brain would be glucose-starved -> coma -> death. Google "hyperlipid physiologic insulin resistance" for more info.


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      You are right

      "Prior to the (glucose tolerance) test, your doctor will ask you to make sure that you are eating at least 150mg of carbohydrates for three days prior to the time you will be asked to fast (about what you will get from a slice or two of bread)."


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        Although I must say that with regards to lipids a low carb diet can be deceptive. We take the average person on a high carb diet with poor blood lipids and then compare them to someone on a low carb diet with good blood lipids, we can't really tell who is actually healthier. I mean certainly lower carbs (10-30% of calories) are healthier with regards to blood lipids, but I don't think we can really draw the comparison because that low carber may or may not exhibit equally poor blood lipids given some time with more carbs. Your life insurance company doesn't know that though
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