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How long until your body reflects diet changes?

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    Originally posted by tradawg View Post
    Looks good. Consider dropping the protein powder for real food, and switch to another nut butter, since peanuts aren't primal.
    That's all I was gonna say.
    People too weak to follow their own dreams will always try to discourage others.


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      Update! I'm starting to see some changes (more below)...

      First, thanks for the comments. A couple of you have mentioned dropping the protein powder, but I find just half a scoop + coconut milk and maybe a couple frozen strawberries is so delicious. My carbs consist mostly of a daily apple (), couple frozen berries, a little protein powder, coconut milk, avocado, some dairy (I handle dairy well, so...), and whatever trace carbs are in the rest of my food.

      I'm doing incredibly well: I used to have persistent stomach issues and terrible acid reflux, and it seems to be resolved on this diet. I have no problem declining sweets, which was virtually impossible in the past.

      I've also been saving a ton of money by actually preparing my food instead of eating out. I do miss the little Asian food joints that I used to hit up (my neighborhood here in Chicago has great Thai and Vietnamese food).

      My gut is going away. Several days ago, my lady friend said that she could see that I was getting in better shape, and now that I'm about 2 weeks in, it's even more so. My belly had been getting too big for certain pants, and now I can fit comfortable back into them.

      Note that I wasn't that bad to begin with. I was 5' 10.5" and probably between 175 and 180. Not fat, but a small belly and not much muscle on display. My waist had crept up to a very snug 34" (I had been 33" most of my adulthood), and now it's coming back down.

      Again, I can't emphasize enough how great this lifestyle change has been for my digestion. I once had a period where I was eating vegan, and consuming a bunch of "healthy" whole-grains, and I had terrible gas, among other digestive issues. I think my whole life my body has been telling me it doesn't like grains.