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  • Fattiest cuts of meat

    I tried pork belly recently, it's delicious!

    Can people recommend other fatty cuts of meat please? If posting from the U.K. a rough price would be really handy too.


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    Beef Belly.

    I'm in the US and have to get it from an Asian market. Oops forgot this very thinly sliced lamb the market has too. Both leave pools of fat in the bottom of my bowl.
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      Man, pork belly IS delicious. Now I'm craving it.

      Sorry, that's--uh, pretty much all I came here to say, haha. Shoulder is another fatty cut, I believe, and any sort of steak with streaky marbling (a good quality rib eye, for example). Basically, though, if you can see your meat before you buy it, you'll be able to see what's got lots of fat on it. Just find a place to shop that won't cut all that beautiful fat off. Sigh.


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        Originally posted by Kaytoo View Post
        Man, pork belly IS delicious. Now I'm craving it.
        You know what to do.


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          Boston butt typically has a fair amount of marbling in it... I prefer bone-in.
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            I'm UK and the fatty meat I buy is lamb shoulder - MUCH cheaper than leg, and fattier - and delicious. Breast of lamb is cheap and good . Rolled brisket of beef is fatty and delicious too - I do it in a slow cooker for ages and it is yum. And there are lots of fatty cuts of pork - belly you've found! Ask your butcher which are the fattiest joints - they'll be pleased to tell you as most misguided souls are asking for the least fatty!


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              Breast of lamb usually keeps me supplied with cooking fat (drained off) for a week or two! It also seems to be the "value" cut in Tesco, Sainsburys at least. Most lamb is fatty, apart from those ridiculous and expensive "better for you cos we chopped off all the goodies" packages!
              Sainsburys organic beef mince is pretty fatty, tasty, although I've had a few bits of "grit" (probably bone) in my last packet.
              Otherwise, it's variable, so I say look before you buy

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                Spot on, thanks all. Hope you're enjoying this weather! Just stuffed myself with BBQ steak and bacon...


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                  Standing rib roast/prime rib. Mucho fat, mucho tender, cook it bloody as hell & you're in heaven...