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Another coconut question thread.

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  • Another coconut question thread.

    I started using coconut milk in my smoothies ( 1/2 cup a day) and then I read a couple of threads about Tropical Traditions and ordered their coconut oil as well as their coconut cream concentrate.

    The oil is pretty strange to eat from a spoon but very easy to cook with.

    The cream concentrate is sort of confusing. It looks like oil on top with a solid cream underneath. I heated it in the microwave and tried to blend it. The idea is to make coconut milk which it says takes 1 tablespoon per 6-8 ounces. I thought this would be more sensible than buying the cans of milk.

    So the question is how are people dealing with the cream on a practical level. Having to heat and try to mix it every day is a bit of a pain.

    Also could you outline your various uses of the oil, the milk and the cream on a daily basis. What you put them in, how you cook with them etc.

    Thanks a lot.
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    My TT coconut cream concentrate took several days to solidify after I mixed it up. It's still super yummy. I just eat it straight from the jar like a nut butter

    here's a recipe you can play with found on the awesome Joyful Abode blog
    --Trish (Bork)


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      The CCC makes a weird milk because its very fibrous its really meant to be eatten like nut butter. I would say just buy cans of coconut milk.. you could make your own but its a hassle ( I think) making your own coconut cream/butter is easy though.. just puree shredded coconut in a food processor until it makes butter. I love it.. so dangerous around me because I can just eat eat eat it.


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        I just soaked my jar of c.c. in hot water for about an hour and stirred it up the best I could. It hasn't needed to be re-stirred since. I make coconut milk smoothies a few times a week, and eat coconut bark from the oil everyday....also use the oil to cook with.
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