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Extreme thirst/workouts/Primal eating?

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  • Extreme thirst/workouts/Primal eating?

    Hello - I've been Primal for 4+ months now and I do love it. I've lost 18 pounds. It just so happened that me going Primal coincided with a time when I was VERY busy and didn't have time to get my workouts in very regularly. Maybe 2x/week of short workouts?

    I have more time now and I joined a bootcamp. I'm still eating Primally and am now working out 3-4x/week. I feel great about that (I want to tone up more) but I've noticed that no matter HOW much water I drink I'm thirsty ALL the time, and it feels un-quenchable. I was wondering if this could be related to the low-carb eating? I was also getting horrible headaches after my workouts until I started drinking coconut water before and after (1/2 a small can before and 1/2 after) so I think that was electrolyte-related, but the thirst, I'm wondering - could it be carb-related? Or is that a totally separate issue?

    My goal right now is fat loss and toning, so I don't really want to add many carbs if I can avoid it. But I'm worried that something is going on with my system due to the low-carb eating and the intense workouts.