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Serious Carb Craving after Natural Dose of Vitamn D?

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  • Serious Carb Craving after Natural Dose of Vitamn D?

    I was going to lay off of my injured foot this weekend, but the beautiful day and boundless energy beckoned me. So, I put on my Skechers' Shape-Ups (bought pre-primal, but nice cushioning for my foot) and took my dog, Murphy, to the Dog Park.

    Had a great time, some sunshine, a nice walk and throwing the ball in the pond for the dog to retrieve--nothing very strenuous. I probably spent more time in the sun than I should have and I'm very fair skinned (freckled).

    I ate a good breakfast of eggs and bacon and was not hungry, but when I got home, I was craving carbs and sugar so bad, I was almost shaking (I'm now on Day 28 and haven't had any real cravings until today). So I chopped up half an apples, some strawberries in a bowl and tossed with pecan pieces and ate it all and now feel so much better. I listened to my body and ate what it told me to.

    So was it the sun? I'd be really surprised if it was the small amount of exercise that I got.

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    I kinda noticed this, too, after sunbathing last week. Totally chowed down on fruit!
    --Trish (Bork)


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      Same, I just spent the afternoon outside in the sun, came home and ate a couple of eggs, they didn't do the trick, ate a pear, now its all good.
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      Our bodies crave real food. We remain hungry as long as we refuse to eat real food, no matter how much junk we stuff into our stomachs. ~J. Stanton


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        Out in the garden for 2 hours weeding, inside for some ice cream & cottage cheese, yum!
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