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  • question about berries

    So I went to the supermarket to get some blueberries. There are a few little plastic packages at about 10 bucks. I was shocked! So little and so expensive! That's because we don't actually grow them here and they're imported. They were not that fresh and some of them were actually got dried and wonky because no one obviously buy them for ages. Anyways I passed and bought frozen blackberries instead. Can't find fresh ones at this time of year here as well. Dang

    are they (frozen) good for PB? or should I not keep buying them?


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    Frozen should be fine. Frozen berries don't usually have anything added. And they keep longer. You're good.


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      One more plus for frozen berries is that they are fully ripe berries. Fresh berries have to survive all the transportation and waiting time without spoiling, and therefore are often harvested barely ripe.


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        I eat frozen berries all the time. I find they are less expensive, and they are always good when I go to use them. Frozen foods are just as healthy and nutritious as fresh for the most part, and sometimes better as they are frozen close to the time they are picked, and don't have to survive long shipping.
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          Frozen berries are awesome. Yesterday I had some frozen raspberries with some heavy cream poured over was insanely good. Like really rich raspberry ice cream.


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            Wyman's wild frozen blueberries are awesome. If you live near a Costco and have a membership you can get a 4 lb. bag for 8 dollars, at least where I live. Wholefoods should also have Wyman's if you live close enough to one. Otherwise, I imagine you might be able to have them shipped from Wyman's, maybe go to their website and find out.


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              Berries are unfortunately one of the most pesticide sprayed foods around and for that reason I have stopped buying them unless they're organic which also means I do without 90% of the time because I also refuse to pay $6 for a tiny box. I either buy frozen organic which is a much better proposition especially since it's not even near berry season yet.

              The texture is slightly altered but the taste is excellent.


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                frozen berries + greek yogurt = the best dessert ever!

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