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What are you eating for Easter?

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    Originally posted by Primal Toad View Post
    I found mine on sale. Cost me $19.36 for 5.34 lbs.
    Srsly!? o.O I paid $40 for mine and it's 5.18 lbs! Woah helluva sale!

    Originally posted by Primal Toad View Post
    You are one lucky girl. My meal will be similar however. I guess I am one lucky guy!
    Indeed! We'll both be enjoying in some fine Primal dining.


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      we are having some friends over for easter, i think she's bringing potato salad and cheesecake. i'm making a sirloin roast, maybe some steamed green beans, and an angel food cake made from rice flour with sliced strawberries and whipped cream. i'm taking it easy on sunday's menu as i'm also making a bunch of food for tomorrow for a different event: another sirloin roast, roasted potatoes, two cheesecakes, jalapeno poppers, salad (homemade pesto vinaigrette), crudites (with homemade ranch), and buffalo wings (w/homemade blue cheese dressing).
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        For Passover, we had roast chicken, matzo ball soup a la Elena (with almond flour, no matzah meal), roast asparagus, a veggie kugel (think carrots, onions, spinach, some other stuff and eggs all mixed together and baked like a fritatta, but with fewer eggs and more veggies) and a strawberry chocolate tart with a walnut/pecan crust. And charoset, horseradish, and regular old matzah, natch.

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          Prime rib and potatos.

          If there is one thing I love about my family, despite the fact they all eat the SAD, they know how to celebrate a holiday, and I have a brother-in-law that is a grill-effin'-master that does prime rib that is to die for.

          I have every intention of gorging myself Sunday. This Grok won't have to hunt on Monday.


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            We're having a meat off with the neighbors! lol

            He's slow smoking ribs (memphis style, so a dry rub, no sugar laden sauces!) and hubby is doing steaks. I'm going to blow the whole thing out of the water with my bacon wrapped pork tenderloin and spicy mustard dip though! I'm sure there will be salad as well. lol
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              My father belongs to a yacht club here in San Diego and they have a big brunch each year for Easter. Fortunately it will fall on day 3 of my no-cheat no-exception challenge so whatever they have I am going to either stick to primal foods or not eat.

              Typically they have eggs, bacon, potatoes, fruit, doughnuts, bagels, pies, etc etc. Im sure I'll get enough protein at least. Besides with IF I typically do not eat until 3pm and this brunch is at 10:30 am.

              I will say that before I went primal, I used to probably eat several thousand calories in one sitting at these brunches. I do not miss how I felt afterwards!
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                Lamb from a family friend


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                  Sprial Glazed ham with local honey; collard greens and bacon; Macaroni and Cheese ( my southern in-laws brining this) along with yams. Egg Custard Pie for dessert. wine. gotta have wine.


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                    Originally posted by PrincessGrok View Post
                    Sprial Glazed ham with local honey; collard greens and bacon; Macaroni and Cheese ( my southern in-laws brining this) along with yams. Egg Custard Pie for dessert. wine. gotta have wine.
                    Sounds yummy for the most part

                    I love the collared greens and bacon. I wish my mother liked bacon. I am wearing 2 different Bacon T's while in Chicago - maybe she will learn.

                    "Gotta have wine." - I agree 100% if you are a wine "liker." I enjoy the occasional wine. And, well, Easter is the time to enjoy the occasional wine. Yay!
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                      The usual salad with leafy greens, acovado, tomato and olive oil with some boiled eggs. Plus I will indulge in quite a bit of dark chocolate covered almonds. Nice little primal treat.
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                        My family is making brunch....cinnamon rolls, pancakes, and store-bought quiche. So as usual, I'll be making my own separate meal and everyone will make comments about how weird I am and why can't I just eat like a "normal" person. Oh man, I just love the holidays...
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                          I'm doing the cooking. Its:

                          Lamb roast
                          Sweet potatoes au gratin (I'll skip it)
                          Desserts (skip those too)


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                            Bacon-wrapped pork chops and red cabbage & apples. Just me and the BF so nothing too elaborate.
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                              Roasted Leg of Lamb, Spiral ham, roasted yukon gold potatoes with fennel, green salad and as many Reese's Eggs I can jam in my pie whole without hurling!


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                                I'm going to make Primal Pot Roast with Mashed Parnips (and some potatoes for hubby)
                                Mixed Greens Salad

                                Reminds me, I have to go find a White Chocolate Easter bunny for hubby--he will be very disappointed if he does not get one.