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    Man I was feeling kinda lousy this afternoon. Got home and saw my coconut on the table and.said what the heck ill try some of this water. Got a screw driver and hammer and ooh.def a hole in there. First SIP I almost threw up. But then my senses came about and I was like omg this stuff is amazing! Gulped the thing down and I promise almost immediately I felt ten times better!

    Anyone else experience this? I'm headed to the store now actually to some.more of this wonderful fruit!

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    Hey, I just spent the last 30 min. getting the meat out of a coconut! I saved the water and was really surprised to see how much was in there. I can't say I really cared for the taste of it though.


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      I love young thai coconuts! (that's a link to a blog about it, btw)
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        Now I'm thinking that I need to make a trip to Whole Foods Market to buy a coconut. (Only place in town that has them.)


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          Yes, I had a similar experience too. Last summer, I was helping a friend landscape their property. It was an incredibly hot and humid day and the work took much longer than expected, but we wanted to finish by sundown. They brought out some glasses of coconut water and like you, I had a problem with the salty/sweet taste of the water, but I was so thirsty I gulped it down. Within ten minutes, I felt of huge burst of energy and finished the work without a problem.

          This stuff is great if you need a pick me up during/after a workout.

          Apparently, coconut water has many interesting health benefits. I don't if all they say about it is true, but it makes a great drink anyway
          Seven Benefits of Coconut Water | Healthmad


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            Coconut is very good for health and Coconut oil is benefits are hair and skin treatment, it is reduce kidney problems, it is good for high blood pressure, heart diseases, it is aiding weight loss and protecting the heart. coconut oil is also good in the food cooking use and it is a nutritious source of meat, milk juice and oil.


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              I bought some the other day, it's definitely an acquired taste, don't know that it will become a regular in my diet, but it does have MASSIVE amounts of potassium, so that may be what you felt gave you the pick me up
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