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Safflower Oil vs Soybean/Canola Oil

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  • Safflower Oil vs Soybean/Canola Oil

    After giving it much tuna salad still requires mayo or Miracle Whip (my preferred option, but I can probably deal with mayo with some doctoring).

    I can get Hains Safflower Oil Mayo - no other oils, I called and checked to make sure the "grain vinegar" listed in their ingredients is gluten-free.

    Should I use that, or stick with my Miracle Whip?

    Tuna salad is about a twice a week thing, with about 2 tablespoons white stuff mixed with a can of tuna and some pickle.

    Yes, I know I can make mayo. I'm not going to make it for the small amount I'd actually use.
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    Most recipes I've seen for mayo make about a cup or so. That's 16 tablespoons. If you're only using it for tuna salad, you might not use it all before it starts going bad. You can add whey to lacto-ferment it though: Homemade Lacto-Fermented Mayonnaise | CHEESESLAVE

    Nutritionally, safflower is extremely high in PUFA, more so than canola or soybean. It's also likely highly processed and therefore oxidized. I'd avoid it.

    If making your own mayo with a healthy fat is still not an option, how about using some sour cream or Greek yogurt in its place?
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