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    How do you stay motivated when your will is weak? When the short term pleasure of eating a ub of ice-cream outweighs or completly blocks out your long term goals? You've all had those foggy, hungry nights. I've been yo-yoing and its annoying....

    ....honestly though most of the binges were triggerd by "the munchies" so im cutting down majorly on the grass, no more than once a week and either before my main meal or after all eating is done for the day. Never in between. Gonna get high off excercise from now on....but still it's fucking fustrating that it's almost May and I feel like i've gotten nowhere. I've gained a bit of muscle but a good bit of fat aswell.

    Im gonna start a leangains-style diet. On non workout days i'll eat one big meal of fatty protein + veggies, and on workout days I up the calories and eat lean protein + potatos and rice. I decided that If my will feels weak during the day, then I can "earn" myself a high carb day by working out, even if it wasn't planned for that day. I'm also fasting through most of the day until dinner time where I have one main course that can be split up into as many meals as I want (usually 2-3) then a sweet dessert (tea/pumpkin/chocolate/small piece of fruit)

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    +1 on leangains. It works for most people, especially if you follow it to the letter. You will have to count macros/calories though.


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      Go to the testimonials threads and just look at all the successful folks who are making huge changes through their commitment.


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        I'm wondering if going to an all-day fasting approach is right for you if you don't have the basics dialed in - which it sounds like you don't. If you're still going off-plan on a regular basis, then maybe focusing on eating a clean primal diet for a few weeks with nothing off plan would be a better approach than going "whole hog" into long fasts. Commit to eating clean for a few weeks and see how much better that makes you feel. If you feel like you're solid, then maybe add in some fasting, or if a fast naturally occurs in there because you're just not hungry, cool.

        As for the "munchies" - it's been years since I've touched the stuff, but I find that alcohol can have the same dis-inhibiting effect on my willpower, which is one of the many reasons I just don't drink that much anymore. I feel better overall the less I drink, and I'm less likely to decide that a plate of jalapeno poppers with a side of nachos is a good idea.
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          I echo ennasirk, I wouldn’t suggest going one meal a day. I think you’d do just fine with two a day. Break your fast at 1 or 2pm, and eat your second (and last) meal at 7 or 8pm… it’s much easier physically and psychologically.

          Also, eating twice a day is helpful because you are less inclined to snack (“only two hours until my first meal, I’m good…” rather than “shit it’s only 11am! My meal won’t come for another 8 hours!!”) and you can make your meals truly COUNT.

          On the weed issue. I understand you completely as I’m also a fan. However, as much as I hate to say this, and as much as I’ve tried to tell myself otherwise or even will myself to make it work, frequent weed use leads to weight gain at least for folks such as yourself and myself. Smoking makes you hungry even if you just finished off an entire pig, this is a fact. Some (lucky) people are good at not eating, this was my case for a while. I willed myself to only drink tea or water when I got high, but time and time again the munchies become too much. At this point you have two options,

          a) eat primal
          b) eat shit

          I almost always go for option b, because in that altered state of mind, your brain is looking for FUN, excitement, PLEASURE. It will ask of you to give it things that provide that. In my case, it’s ice cream. I eat my bodyweight in ice cream when I’m stoned, easily 3 out of 5 times. Another culprit is potato chips, yes, the worst thing you can ever eat, but I’m helpless if I’m high.

          Even eating primal can be bad, mostly because you’ll take in a lot more than you would otherwise and though calories are highly debated here, too much food is too much food, good food or not.

          If you’re able to smoke only once a week, that could work for you. I have never been able to do that. I don’t know why, but for me it’s either frequent (as in, daily or near daily) or none at all. I just recently relapsed, I was clean for over a month, then gave in, bought an 1/8th and am almost through with it after two weeks (and I gained fat to be sure) so again I’m going off it for some time. It sucks to be in this cycle though, but this is how you learn. It is now painfully clear that in my life, weed inevitably leads to weight gain, no matter how active I try to be, no matter what fasting schedule I adopt, and no matter how “strict” I am with my sober eating, which I usually am, whatever I do when I’m stoned food wise derails ALL my efforts. Once a week is moderate though, I would say that’s fine. I know how hard it can be to think of “never again…”

          Best of luck!
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            One of the disciplines that I try to stick to is to never eat anything after dinner, because evening munchies were always my downfall. I made it up to 55 days straight without eating after dinner, and then broke it on Monday night. Even though I munched on primal foods (macadamia nuts and meat sticks - like slim jims but with no nitrates or non-primal ingredients) I felt awful the next morning, and had - of course- gained weight. So I'm back to counting how many days I can go without eating after dinner, and by June I'll have broken my record of 55 days. This one discipline has really been one of the keys to my success. Of course, the Primal diet itself eliminates my physical desire to munch or snack, because I'm completely satisfied. Interesting that the one night that I munched after dinner was after a dinner at my sister's house. I just had meat and veggies, but she served a bunch of veggie dishes (carrots and beets) that had sugar in them, and maybe the sugar set me off, since I have completely eliminated sugar from my diet when I'm eating at home and controlling what I eat. Anyhow, I don't eat potatoes or rice. I stay away from all grains, and I honestly never feel like munching or feel hungry (other than Monday night post veggies cooked with sugar). Good luck!


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              Primal can be fun and pleasurable too! Surely it can! It's unfortunate that once we have those tastebuds for the sweet or salty or greasy junk that when we do have low motivation moments that we turn to those junky foods because of years and years of consumption that the synapses in the brain are now hard wired to correlate pleasure with those foods. So in that sense it does take a tremendous amount of will power to avoid them! I struggle with that often, but I remember January 2011...where I felt amazing at only 80% following the Primal Blueprint; my mood was positively elevated, and I just felt all around great and energetic. The primal food to me is fun and pleasurable in that context. I might not have seen much weight loss, but I think that's because I indulged too much in nuts and dried fruits and perhaps dairy, and didn't exercise enough. I'm going to tweak a bit more this next time around in hopes it'll help me lose weight. It's not just that I want to lose weight, it's more that I want to FEEL 100% better and LIVE happier! A Primal eating lifestyle that suits me is just one facet of my many goals I've laid out for myself over the last 7 months to achieve that. Reminding myself of those goals helps keep me motivated, not to mention coming here everyday, reading the success stories, suggestions and great advice on MDA!
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                Originally posted by milkycereal View Post
                How do you stay motivated when your will is weak?
                Watch this, for starters:
                Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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                  Woops! I checked out your website and left you a comment, not realizing that it would get posted on your site. (Duh! I'm the older generation and just getting used to social networks.) I also thought that you were on the "avocado" thread, but realize now that this is the "motivation" thread. Anyhow, just wanted to let you know that your website and artwork are lovely!


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                    I guess it depends what your core motivation is. For me, willpower has nothing to do with it any more. This isn't a temporary "diet" I'm on... this is just what I do now.

                    For me, it's like asking "How do you stay motivated to brush your teeth every day?" It just doesn't compute.