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  • Could really use some help....

    Hi All,

    I am just finishing week 5 of going primal, and have had rough going. I still feel pretty crappy, and am trying to figure out what is what.

    I have been eating what I think are quality primal meals, mostly organic, lots of veggies, good quality meat, eggs, and fats. I use coconut milk in my shakes in the am, coconut oil, EV Olive oil, and usually have an avocado every day. I do eat some nuts for snacks, and fruit as well. I was eating some dairy, but cut it out as it makes my GERD come back. I am drinking about 1 - 2 liters of h20 daily, and started taking vit D. I am also taking extra C, astragalus, fish oil, and probiotics.

    My son and I got sick a couple of weeks ago with a nasty virus, and I just got sick again with some cold that is going around my office. I have zip energy, and feel like I have been sick for weeks. I am very discouraged. The first week or two I started to feel like I was gaining some energy, but have not reached that high that many of you speak of. Also, had some wicked anxiety right before my period this month that was hard to handle. I haven't had anxiety this bad in years, and had to take small doses of xanax to get through work.

    Has anyone else here taken this long to adjust to PB lifestyle? My GERD improved dramatically, but I feel like complete sh*& otherwise. Could use any input, because I really want to stick this out.

    Oh, and I forgot to add...I have barely lost weight. Maybe 4 pounds, although my stomach is flatter. My jeans maybe a bit looser, but not much.


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    I dunno. Looks like the diet is solid and the supplements good.

    When I run out of energy due to a bug going around, the first thing I think about replacing is B12. How are yo doing with that?

    Are you hungry and do you think you eat a lot?

    Whatever the source of the anxiety is, you want to avoid it, figure it out. That will throw things off.


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      How much fat are you eating? How much is animal fat?
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        Allergies?? It's that time of the year in my neck of the woods, and some days are better then others.


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          I considered allergies, and I live in Austin. They are bad here. I am taking sublingual B supplement daily for stress. And I eat a lot of salmon, fair amount of grass fed beef, some butter when I cook the salmon. So the animal fat I get is from the meat. I don't like chicken skin so I don't eat that.


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            What's the dosage and form of astragalus you are taking?


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              I've been taking 500mg twice a day for about two weeks. Not sure what kind, but the brand is NOW.


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                Are you taking magnesium?

                Right about the time I started supplementing with magnesium citrate I was 4 weeks in and that's around the time my carb flu finally lifted. I believe it also helps with depression and anxiety and PMS stuff too. Might be worth a shot.


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                  Some people take a while. Your guts still in need of healing, so I would take some probiotics or eat some saukrauts(homemade) or Greek yogurt for some good bacteria.


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                    Originally posted by Marymk View Post
                    I've been taking 500mg twice a day for about two weeks. Not sure what kind, but the brand is NOW.
                    Thats a good dose. It may lower blood pressure and blood glucose levels which you don't really need as the diet will be doing this. Shouldn't be taken during a cold but as a preventative. Some meds you may be on may interact. Too much can suppress immune system.


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                      Just to add... I wouldn't worry about the rate at which you lose weight. As long as clothes are fitting better, you're doing something right.