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    I decided to get my cholesterol tested at my girlfriends university the other day randomly to see how my diet was treating me. Some background info : I'm not 100% strict primal/paleo, I eat rice, drink raw milk and don't always hit all my micronutrients everyday according to nutrition data, and generally have a much higher carb intake than most here because I exercise a lot. I do eat plenty of coconut though

    Here are my results..................

    Total cholesterol : 6.13mmol/l or 237mg/dl
    HDL cholesterol : >2.59mmol/l or >100mg/dl
    Triglycerides : <0.79mmol/l or < 70mg/dl


    Total/HDL : 2.37
    HDL/LDL : 0.813
    TG/HDL : 0.7

    According to CW my ratios are great, but my total is high. You should have seen the lab technicians face when the total cholesterol results printed I thinks it is reasonably safe to assume I have fluffy LDL. Some of the numbers are not 100% accurate as the blood sample was not perfect, hence the scores of less than/more than (</>). I'm thinking of taking special care with my diet and then re-checking in a month or so.

    Feel free to post your own results (and critique mine)!!!!!
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