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  • Location makes a difference?

    I'm located in Ocala, FL and it seems everyone here has no apparent care for nutrition or health AT ALL. It is extremely frustrating because I'm majoring in nutrition (although I am Paleo ). I'm wondering if living somewhere more health-oriented, such as Cali, would make me feel as if I fit in more? I feel there are more Paleo, Primal folk in Cali as well and I feel I want to surround myself with these people and their knowledge because here I just feel so frustrated like no one cares about my passion for this. They don't listen to studies and they just show no interest in it at all. Not that I want to shove my beliefs on everyone but I feel it would do a world of good to surround myself with like-minded people you know? Anyone have any suggestions or comments on this?
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    Huh, I really like Ocala, and lived just north of there in Gainesville for about 10 years. Of course, it is the south so many people love their biscuits, fried chicken etc, but that is everywhere. Are some places more health concious? Sure, but that might be vegan health conscious, vegetarian health conscious, CW health me 10 people and I will show you 10 different ways to eat healthy. As for listening to studies...hell, most people don't. We all know better, didn't you hear? Come here for like minded people.
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      Be warned that if you move to a more 'health-conscious' area, most of them will be 'CW healthy,' heh... lots of veg*ns! I live in an area kind of like that, with lots of hippies and support for small farms, but most of them are vegan or vegetarian. There *is* a CrossFit box here so I'm sure there are some paleo/primal folks but I don't think they are the rule.


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        hell i lived in a more health conscious area, try living in Mississippi. we dont even qualify to have a whole foods or trader joes in our state. farmers markets are VERY rare b/c the counties dont like to section off funds that way. theres a campaign for 'go walking mississippi' but its a fail i dont ever see anyone walking lol. we dont have good grocery stores, they dont selll good meat. we have dollar general-like stores but sell everything but food. you can buy like 3 grocery carts full of cookies, pies, cakes, crackers, chips, processed meals, canned meals, not to mentions candy/soda/fruit 'juice' for like 5$, add in the food stamps, most people here are eating a loadass full of shit, for free.

        the one farmer market here caters to vegetarians, annoying as hell. the only spark to the place is the local produce

        there is crossfit in Mississippi, but thats a ridiculous price to pay when you have to pay so flippin much for fresh food, and you live in a broke and obese wages aint what they are elsewhere to say the least.
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          I think there are pluses and minuses to a lot of areas in regards to health and such. You probably have to focus on what you DO have versus not in any state.

          I do love the access to healthy options and food in Colorado where I live...BUT, the downside, there is not much of a growing season here so produce wise it is harder to find local items or variety. Also, like someone else said, there are a lot of vegetarians and low fat 'health' folks, so take that for what its worth. I do have two natural food stores within a half mile of me, and the regular grocery stores carry a lot of health items that I cannot find elsewhere. These are benefits I cannot overlook.

          I just returned from a trip to visit my husbands relatives in Louisiana....OY. There is almost no selection or options for 'health food' in that area.....and while I eat mostly meat and veggies anyway, you would be surprised at how hard it is to just find good meats. I would say the one benefit I found down there was being able to find real cracklins just about anywhere . Another benefit, fresh seafood. To get shrimp pulled out of the gulf a few hours ago was great (I was trying to not think about the spill)....and gotta love crawfish. So while I was down there I just focused on what I 'could' enjoy. This also included being able to go out and swim, waterski, and enjoy being on the water (something rarely found in Colorado).
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