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cod liver oil or D3?

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  • cod liver oil or D3?

    my vitamin D levels came in at L 21.1 nmol/L {50.0 - 150.0} way lower than it should be, so trying to read up on d3 , decided to get d3 supplement by natures way in olive oil, but have read a few articles saying to take cod liver oil for vitamin D.



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    You should probably take both and add a good Calcium (fortified with Magnesium) supplement as well. Here's why...

    The Vitamin D itself will increase by supplementation as well as getting your skin exposed to the sun more often. But that just moves up one raw number.

    Cod Liver Oil is loaded with Vitamin A. Current research has shown that the Vitamin A in Cod Liver oil act to either activate or enhance many of the pathways that Vitamin D uses in order to actually accomplish something in the body on a microbiological level.

    Finally, there is a direct correlation between Vitamin D and Calcium. Calcium is most abundant mineral in the body and it cannot be properly absorbed without high levels of Vitamin D. The tricky part is that we don't know all the ways that either Vitamin D and Calcium are used in the body...but the number of processes is going to be very large because every cell in the body has Vitamin D receptors and almost every cell in the body utilizes Calcium. In addition to Vitamin D, the body needs adequate levels of Magnesium in order to properly work with the Calcium you feed it. So get a Calcium supplement which is stocked with Magnesium.

    The three of these, then, work together: Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Calcium. So you want to supplement them together as a stack if possible. The best sources for these are:

    NOW 5,000 IU Liquid Vitamin D - I like this stuff because one dropper has 5,000 IUs of punch. I put one dropper in a shot-glass in the morning and add a mixture of organic grape & blueberry (or pomegranate) juice to make "Super Juice" for myself and my family. I buy four at a time on Amazon and get free shipping with Amazon Prime.

    Blue ICE Cod Liver Oil - this type of oil is superior because it is obtained by the slow fermentation process which humans have used for thousands of years to get oil out of critter livers. This means that it gets a full spectrum of whole food nutrients which fast-draw, chemically derived methods can't match.

    Coral Calcium + Magnesium - I buy this in bulk from and pack my own gel caps once every other month. It's a lot cheaper than buying most coral calcium supplements. It has the added magnesium as well.
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