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After a few blood tests it was found I had low testosterone?

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  • After a few blood tests it was found I had low testosterone?

    Has anyone on a paleo diet ever encountered this? Im going more strict on my diet and eating organic, free range and grass fed as much as possible, im also trying no carb which I got the idea to do from the Paleo 2.0 or Archevore blog. I take all the right supplements, and rarely eat anything non paleoish. I've been on a paleo diet for a long time as well, and got great results but I seemed to have gained the weight back.

    I'm doing some things that Timothy Ferriss recommends for raising testosterone and the doctor prescribed me something as well. Im also 23 btw, so its not like age is a factor in this either. Im taking the amino acid glutamine to see help with any nutrient absorption problems as well.

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    Wow, only 23? That seems unusual. Are you overweight? Are you eating enough fats, not specifically saturated, but fats in general? I have heard that low fat diets can cause a drop in testosterone.


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      I don't think it's directly linked to eating Paleo.

      There are many possible reasons for low testosterone, and there is a lot of BS out there since so many people just want to "pump up." Be cautious of who you believe and what you take for it. If it's low at your age, you want to know why. I would not suspect diet unless there is a good reason to (not sure if there is one). It's best to work with a good doc that wants to help and prescribe it if you need it, and avoid the zillion "support" gimmicks people are selling.


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        are you male or female? (i'm guessing male but just checking)

        are you eating red meat?/getting enough zinc?

        also i'll just throw it in there, i think you should add back in vegetables/fruit/starch and see if that helps. someone posted on another thread that when he goes really low on the carbs he has erectile dysfunction. you didn't say whether you're experiencing any symptoms of low T, but just a thought.

        too much protein can also lower testosterone levels, so if your diet is more protein- rather than fat-heavy that can be a problem.
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          jens, sounds like a female? you underweight??? if your female and your T is low your overall hormones are prolly low. hows the rest of your hormones?
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            Having caffeine in your system when you are sleeping can interfere with Testosterone production. Have you tried limiting your cafeine intake and stop taking coffee after 2:00 pm ?


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              what is the reading? you gotta post the blood work results before asking a question


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                Might be other things, like a lack of sleep or too much stress.

                It's also considered common knowledge in the bodybuilding community (which is obsessed with testosterone levels) that going low-carb for too long lowers free T levels by raising SHBG. You could try going high-carbs one day a week to see if it makes a difference.


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                  Go do squats and deadlifts. Easiest way to up testosterone aside from diet.


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                    Mine was 284 ng/ml. Yes I am a guy btw as well haha. I do HIT but I have taken some time off but should be back at it soon. If no carb or vlc doesn't work ill try adding some vegetables/starches/fruit if things work out, but it seems to do more harm then good, If I eat a lot of veggies it just seems to give me short term energy and make me hungry. I've read on the Paleo 2.0 blog/archevore blog that some people might have to go no carb/very low carb to lose weight. I get plenty of fat, I have eggs, cream, coconut cream and besides that try to eat fish and beef.

                    I haven't recorded how much protein I eat but im working on trying to eat about the minimum amount and have the rest be fat similar to what is mentioned on the paleo 2.0 blog. I am overweight, I lost the weight then gained it back, im thinking I might have been eating too much protein which can a small insulin response and thus cause fat gain as well. I went down to about 240ish and now am back up to 300ish now. I take a multivitamin so I don't think its a deficiency.

                    This is the 2nd bloodtest ive had and all the rest of my blood work which includes metabolic, kidney and liver function came back healthy, except my cholesterol. Not sure if this will help but my Total Cholesterol was 242, my HDL was 67(which im told is high, i think it may have to do with diet or genetics or both), triglycerides are 64 and my LDL was 162. Though after watching the documentary fat head im not as concerned about it.


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                      As an aside to the discussion, measuring testosterone via blood is very inaccurate. Most accurate way is with a saliva test. I have no pituitary so therefore make no testosterone so been getting tested for seventeen years. Started getting tested via saliva method recently and discovered it's much more accurate.


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                        You need to talk w your doc re supplemention of your testosterone. Also your hdl being high is a good thing.


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                          What was the reference range for your testosterone? And you didn't say whether low testosterone is affecting you symptomatically in any way?

                          A saliva test would be more accurate (especially in a case of super-low/no production of a hormone) but I don't think blood test results are invalid either. I had high free testosterone accurately diagnosed through blood tests.

                          How did you gain the weight back?

                          Also I don't think your cholesterol is anything to worry about, I'd say HDL could be even higher actually, and triglycerides seem a little high (were you fasted when you had blood drawn)?


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                            It has been affecting me, and I knew something was amiss. Its a bit vague as to how I gained it back. I had great progress when first starting paleo or adjusting to paleo and then doing HIT (high intensity weight lifting). I got down to about 240ish, and then It seemed like everything changed, and my personality and everything sorta shifted, and I had less energy and gained it back as well.

                            Now im back to 300ish, Ive been low carb for a while and am trying zero carb/vlc to see if that helps, if not ill try adding in some starches and vegetables. I also ate a lot of store bought meat that could have had excess omega 6. Im working on getting grass fed butter and the best quality food now though. Things are improving but nowhere near perfect or where they were. I think It might have been because I was eating a lot of protein, or too much sugar/honey and it could have caused me to gain it back. I tried the slow carb diet and have had cheat days but I dont do that anymore, I can definitely tell that it messes with my body. It was hard also being on a lower fat diet as I craved more fat as well. I did take the bloodtest while fasting as well. I am taking testosterone gel (andro gel) as well.

                            Hope that helps?


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                              I used this guy several years ago to help me out, Laurent Bannock, Home

                              He will run a number of tests on you (I had my tests done locally and mailed the samples to testing labs)

                              I had different issues than you but I bet you have more amiss than low testosterone.

                              Sometimes it's just too hard to do this on your own.