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  • A couple more questions

    I was wondering if anyone has heard of the supplement CoQ10, and if it is something we should be taking. There is a liquid form of it at Costco, which proclaims to be better absorbed into the body than the pill form. The brand is Qunol. Supposedly, it has health benefits for the heart and can help people who suffer from migraines as a preventative. Great claims, I'm just trying to find out if they're accurate.
    The second question I have is about coconut milk (I know, completely different questions). When coconut milk is discussed on here, is it the [I]canned[I] version, used primarily in cooking, or the kind found in the carton primarily used for drinking? Or is it both?


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    If I was concerned about raising my CoQ10, I'd probably just eat more heart and liver rather than taking a supplement. In general, I think we're just too reliant on muscle meat in the modern diet - offal has so many essential nutrients.

    I'm not sure what I make of the health claims I've seen associated with CoQ10 - the research seems fairly limited. While I'm sure it's essential, and suspect that what are considered "normal" blood levels may be suboptimal, I'm not convinced that taking it in supplement form is beneficial for those without underlying issues that reduce the body's ability to synthesize CoQ10 in the first place (blood thinners, statins, etc) or conditions that are associated with reduced CoQ10 levels (HIV/AIDS, Parkinson's, cancer, heart disease, etc). I'd definitely be interested to read more though...

    Regarding coconut milk, I would guess that most people are referring to the canned version - at least I am! It's less processed, a better deal for the $, and you can always thin it down to use for drinking.
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      In general: CoQ10, also called ubiquinone because it is cellularly everywhere, and important in basic nutrition process; also an anti-oxidant, important in development of cell walls, cholesterol, and energy. I agree with theholla about eating more organ meats.
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        If you`re going to supplement; take Ubiquinol; supposed to be a step above COQ10 because your body doesn`t have to convert the COQ10 to ubiquinone.
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