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not sure if primal is what i need

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  • not sure if primal is what i need

    well i started eating more primaly few days ago and im still not sure if its the right time to do it.
    to start, im 18, i am kinda fat, i weight 98K (215.6 pounds) and my height is 1.87 meters (6.1 foot).
    the main reason im not sure if primal is the right thing to do right now in my life is- im recruited to the army in less then 3 months.
    i highly doubt and actually know for sure, i will not be able to be primal in the army as im going to be a combat soldier.
    what it means is, im going to eat what they give me ot eat, not what i want. and basicly i wont be able to have a primal lifestyle.
    the only reason i actually did change my eating menu is simply because i want to lose weight.
    but im not sure if i should change my nutrition realy, to live mostly on fats and low on carbs, for only 3 months, when after it il just eat again what i used to it before, which is probably a high carbs nutriotion and all that.
    I actually kinda made my choice already and il probably just go back to the way i used to eat before, and i just wanna know what u guys think about what i said, if i should eat primal also if its only for 3 months.
    i think il still use some of the tools i gained, mainly eating only when im hungry, and trusting my body more.
    I am planning on going primal after the army, but that is 3-4-5 years from now.
    what do u guys think? thanks for reading and asnwering.

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    There are quite a few soldiers on the forums here -- deployed and not, combat and non (I'm sure). Sitrep is one and... hmmm... can't think of others off the top of my head, but there are definitely a few.
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      Yeah but i realy still have no idea where im goign to be (but combat unit for sure).
      i live in a country where army is duty, so almost everyone been there and know whats going on.
      i asked people, and my brothers, they said simply, u dont choose what u gonna do or eat in there, u do and eat what they give and tell u.


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        You could hunt stuff while you're over there.
        In all of the universe there is only one person with your exact charateristics. Just like there is only one person with everybody else's characteristics. Effectively, your uniqueness makes you pretty average.


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          I will tell you that when I did my basic training (a million years ago - long before I went Primal) my healthy eating habits at the time went right out the window, for the reason you stated - you won't have a lot of control over what you eat, when you eat or how long you'll have to luxurirate over your food decisions. Sometimes I had 5 minutes to get into the mess, eat lunch and get out; I needed to get as many calories/carbs in as I could manage in that time, so I'd shovel cake into my mouth. As much cake as I could, usually still standing up in the food line!I suppose you could primalize it by shoving butter in your mouth instead of cake...

          The mass-produced mess food will most definitely not be grass-fed meats or free-run eggs and you can bet your bottom dollar that whatever you get to eat is cooked in vegetable or seed oils. The best thing you could do is to stay away from grains and focus on getting in as much fat as possible. You'd probably sustain the physicality of basic training better on a high fat diet than I ever did with my 5-minute cake binges. If I knew then what I know now about the energy benefits of fat, I guarantee I'd have been a way stronger soldier.
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            After Basic Training you will have alot more control over what you eat.. and if you tell them you have a gluten allergy they have to accomodate you. The Army is not has hardcore as it once was. It has changed alot. I would know.. Im a soldier