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Feel tired, grumpy and nauseous :(

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  • Feel tired, grumpy and nauseous :(

    I've been doing this about 4 days now and I feel very nauseous...especially in the morning after my first meal...Also, I'm very tired and grumpy without my carbs...will this go away??

    TIA ~ Kristie

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    Standard "low-carb flu." Your body needs time to adjust to fat-burning instead of sugar-burning for energy. It'll last a few days to 2 weeks in most cases. A much smaller percentage of people experience it for up to a couple months. Hang in there -- it's worth it.
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      A lot of people experience flu-like symptoms when they start on a Paleo or Primal way of eating. Yes, it will lessen/go away with time as your body gets used to eating healthy, real foods and heals from all the years of rubbish eating.



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        yes it will. The more dilligent and strict you are the faster it will pass. Sleep lots, drink lots of water. eat bacon. It's worth it.


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          Don't worry, it definately goes away and you feel SO much better than before when it does! It's just your body adjusting to the change of diet, it'll function better soon =]
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            What the ladies here have said!

            PS: nauseated, not nauseous.
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