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not sure about meals and hunger

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  • not sure about meals and hunger

    hi, recently i started changing my nutrition to be more primal.
    also i ditched eating menus and started eating when im hungry.
    in the last few days i noticed that im not hungry in the morning.
    i actually only start feeling hungry like 6-7-8 hours after getting up, and also i dont feel hunger after eating that meal.
    yesterday for example, i only had 1 meal the whole day, and it wasnt even a big meal, if i remember correctly it was like 200g chicken breast, an avocado, 2 cucumbers and a cayenne.
    is it realy ok??? cause it doesnt seem very ok to me.
    as i said, it happened in the last few days, not in that day only.
    also today, i woke up like 7 hours ago, and im not hungry at all, and i didnt eat anything today.

    thanks for the help guys.

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    Everything else being equal, I'd say that is fine. You don't "have" to eat constantly to be healthy. Like I've said before, take a knife and a bow, and then go live in the wilderness and see how often you eat. Missing meals is truly PRIMAL, probably more than anything else.


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      what do you mean by everything else being equal??

      well if i had 1-2 days like this and then a day or 2 where i felt extremely hungry all day, id understand.
      but its a few days in a row..


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        Your body is balancing out. Not a problem. You will find that on some days you will be hungrier than on others. Give it time.
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          Eat when you're hungry. Avoid eating when you're not. Don't worry about it. Your body knows how to manage itself if you just give it the opportunity & the proper tools
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            Originally posted by saarx1 View Post
            what do you mean by everything else being equal??

            well if i had 1-2 days like this and then a day or 2 where i felt extremely hungry all day, id understand.
            but its a few days in a row..
            Meaning you are not sick, you donít have a history of anorexia/bulimia, you are not depressed, etc., etc., etc. If you donít have any outliers, missing meals is fine. Missing meals doesnít necessarily make you ravenous, or, even when it does, it may make you feel full much faster. Like Dragonfly said, youíre just getting adjusted. Donít stress about it. Take advantage of it and realize that you donít have to have non-stop eating, or have the next thought you have after you eat be ďwhat will my next meal beĒ (not necessarily that the foregoing applies to you, but many people operate this way without ever stopping to realize that they donít have to). When hungry eat; when thirsty drink. It truly is that simple, but the trick is to know when you are truly hungry and truly thirsty.


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              I agree that it sounds like your body is just adjusting, and I wouldn't worry about it in the short term (as in 1-2 days, or even a week). However, if you find the lack of appetite becomes a long term thing, it would be prudent to reevaluate what you are doing. It is definitely natural (and desirable) to be less hungry on a Primal diet, a complete lack of hunger can be a sign of other issues. Plus, while a couple days of the menu you listed is fine, you definitely will need more food in the long run.

              It is also dependent on your goals - what are you trying to achieve? If it is just pure fat loss, you can get by on less food than if you're working on building muscle and improving athletic performance.
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                This sounds exactly like what happened to me Saarx. After a few days my appetite disappeared on some days. A couple of days the thought of any food turned my stomach. I started not needing to eat until the afternoon. I'm into my third week now and my appetite is increasing slowly. I'm eating a bit in the morning and a bit at lunch but not much at all. However I'm getting a lot hungrier in the evening and eating a lot more in one meal.


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                  Yes - 7 months in to primal I still have very large swings in appetite. Eating just one meal or sometimes two for a week or two. Then I 'll go through a phase where I am eating three large meals and a snack every days. I have not noticed any ill effects during or as a result of either eating phase.
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