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Neera Super Cleanse (Maple Syrup Diet)

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  • Neera Super Cleanse (Maple Syrup Diet)

    Hey Everyone,

    I have recently been put on the Neera Cleanse by my Naturopath to help heal my gut. This is not for weight loss, but to bring a rest to my digestive system. I suffer from bloating, constipation, recently poor energy, acne and cycle issues. I eat strict paleo and still have many problems, just trying to be patient. I am doing it for 5 days.

    Has anyone else gone through the cleanse?

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    I read up on this, but are you only eating/drinking the syrup and lemons?


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      Add some cayenne powder, peppermint, and lemon food grade essential oils to it, and clean your liver while you're at it =) Make sure your maple syrup is organic, otherwise it will contain formaldehyde.


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        I have liver and kidney detox supps twice a day, cayenne powder added, lots of herbal tea and water. The syrup is organic and pure


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          Just eating the food your body wants and is supposed to eat will heal your gut.


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            People I know have done this and similar "cleanses" -- bottom line? They don't work. It's placebo more than anything - you hear that it will help you so mentally you think you are healing. But in reality, nothing. There is no such short cut to healing your body, sorry.
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              Originally posted by HillsideGina View Post
              There is no such short cut to healing your body, sorry.
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