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  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

    Being the analytical type and always on the lookout for ways to heal my CVD, I decided to have a look at this tool. Ordered the kit, harvested some hair in accordance with instructions and mailed it off along with $150 (yikes). Did the same for my son who has disc problems.

    Got the report back today. It came in two parts - a general report focussed on metabolic typing and a "doctor's report". The doctor's report has everything the general report has so I'll ignore the latter.

    The charts show values and reference ranges for a range of minerals, classified as nutritional, toxic and additional, and a set of ratios, classified as significant, toxic and additional.

    The following are apparent from an inspection of the charts:
    • Sodium, potassium and Manganese are all low, though just in the reference range
    • Despite supplementing 400mg of magnesium per day it is only in the low end of the reference range
    • Mercury is well into the high range (too much amalgam methinks)
    • Ca/P ratio is good, Na/K ratio is low, Ca/K ratio is off the chart and Na/Mg ratio is too low - these tell me that I need to increase both sodium and potassium
    • Zn/Cu and Fe/Cu ratios are good so I've got these three right

    The takeaway here is that I need to work on increasing Mg, Na, and K.

    The report provides recommendations. Among these it says that Vitamin D is both a thyroid and potassium antagonist and aid retention of calcium. So I need to look at reducing Vitamin D supplementation. Will get a blood test first to see my current level

    It also recommended foods high in potassium, thyroxine and methionine. Methionine is a common feature of Chris Masterjohn's writings so I'll have to review those. I recall this means marrow, bone broths, connective tissue etc. Good thing I've been having chickens feet for breakfast the past week

    Next step is a blood test to check vitamin D and lipids then to get more Na, K and Mg and look at reducing Vitamin D. Also need to research Mn a bit to see if I should supplement
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    Interesting. Just got referred to this by someone, costs around $120. I'm a bit sceptical but after reading your results, I might just bite the bullet and pay for it.
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      Hair Analysis

      Hi Peril,

      I know it's been a while since you posted this thread, but were you able to get your ratios in balance? If so, what type of nutritional balancing program did you use? thanks