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Too much vs. Not enough vs. The right amount

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  • Too much vs. Not enough vs. The right amount

    Hey all,
    I have searched Marks posts, the forums and the blueprint an cannot find an answer to my question, which is as follows:

    I am planning on putting on some muscle mass (more than the average PBer/less than a natural bodybuilder), however I beleive that I am around %18BF (6ft and 187lbs, down from 237lbs a year and a half ago) and I would really like to be at around 9-12%. My question is if I am following Marks bulking lifting routine(not sure how to link to it, I just search how to build muscle in the MDA search box) (3x heavy weight sessions, 1x sprint session per week) but not adding all the extra calories (ADEAD etc.) then what is going to happen?

    I hope the answer is that my muscle mass will increase slightly, my BF will drop and everything will turn out peachy. However I have grown skeptical of things happening this way and suspect I may end up catabolic and not dropping fat?

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    Difficult to predict without knowing how you will be eating. To lose fat, you should concentrate on keeping carbs low (50g). What I do is add carbs after heavy lifting sessions, but keep protein and fat about the same. Supposedly it helps build muscle. I also do 16/8 IF.


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      Although not exactly addressing your question, this website may give you idea's on how to achieve what you are asking. Myself I find what RezH says to be true. Cutting down to less than 50g of carbs will help in getting ripped and protein for muscle mass. Try and make it whole protein. Your body will let you know when you've eaten enough.


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        I'm still trying to figure it out. I think everybody responds differently.

        I'm almost exactly same height/weight as OP, I went Primal in Jan at 210, lost 25lbs by mid-March without counting calories and only doing HIIT on treadmill and elliptical. Then I added pushups, situps, and pullups every other day in a very rigorous style. I started gaining from bulking up, but wanted to lose my gut and 10lbs of fat, so I started counting calories and was keeping it around 1800 per day. in 5/25/70% fashion (C/P/F). My weight started creeping up like 2-3 lbs per week for 3 weeks straight, so last week I upped my calories to 2500 and added more carbs (banana or fruit every day) and now my weight seems to be trending down again.

        I've read in numerous posts that there is a point where too few calories while working out strenuously will cause metabolic slow-down. I really wish I would have never started counting calories and just listened to my body. But since I opened this can of worms, I will probably ride it out for another week or so, then just eat like normal, with a focus on primal foods.

        I think the worst thing I did was getting so hyped up by seeing the scale go down every day, that when it didn't I felt the need for a quick fix. I think if a person cuts out sugar, flour, rice and potatoes then exercises--he will be way healthier and lose fat. This Primal Blueprint is awesome if you don't treat it like a diet.

        I found a good article on another forum, I'll try to find it again and post here.


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          Ok so I went to my FitDay app and put in yesterdays uncontrolled effort (I ate when I was hungry, and I seemed to be really hungry):

          Duck eggs and 4 slices bacon, vegetable soup (home-made), beef stew (home-made), two pork chops, broccolli and cauliflower comprised my main meals. My hunger was not satiated with this effort so to snack on I had: 60g of almonds, a whole 185g can of tuna and chilli in oil and a chocolate protein shake with coconut oil mixed in (btw first time I had tried this, it filled me up and tasted amazing).

          Total Calories: 2221

          From fat: 137g 56%
          From carbs: 63g 11%
          From protein:184g 33%

          As you can see, I have kept my carbs fairly low, this is not really a typical day because my total calories usually top out at around 1800, however the percentage break down is typical.

          Thanks for your responses, I was worried you were going to tell me to reduce calories (not something I am big on, I really like eating) but it seems as though I will just have to reduce carbs a bit (substitute pumpkin in my stew for... bacon!) and keep the weights heavy. Right?

          Edit: Oh and on the subject of IF, have you read pklopp's IF posts? Is that the way to go? Im browsing the leangains site now, I have never had any metabolic issues before and if IF will work then I am up for it, just worried about scheduling workouts and meals when the meal window is fairly small.
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