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Paleolithic style diet and skin/acne - has it helped anyone?

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    Completely eliminated my acne.
    -Connoisseur Guy


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      im 25 and have had nasty acne since puberty. the dermatologist has me on trimethoprim, an antibiotic and benzol peroxide topically. ive been paleo on and off dairy for about 6 months now. dairy doesnt seem to affect it much. it hasnt done a whole lot for the acne. in fact, my skn seems more oily now, probably due to the increased fat intake. on the upside, I don't feel the need to apply moisturizer too often. but if I miss one dose of trimethoprim and a bonzol appliation, I startt developing nasty cystic acne which swell and look like a boil and won't drain for days. I also get whiteheads. acne is caused by a bacterial infection of the skin which I cant seem to kick. how do you culture bacteria? on auger plates made of protien. guess what? im eating a ton of protein as a paleo. eating too much fruit seems to case flairups as well due to insulin spikes. im not sure what the antibiotic is doing to my gut, but my bowel movements look like that of a bear so its probably doing fine. I do a lot of sweaty exercise which makes it worse. I need to hose myself down immediately after my workouts and apply benzol peroxide or I get immediate breakouts. hope this helps.


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        I suffered from acne my entire life - painful cystic acne. Been on a multitude of treatments all of which worked for a time, and then stopped working.

        A few years back I started cutting out starches and grains, then naturally progressed to a low carb/high fat way of eating. Now I pretty much stay away from processed foods, and in the last year or two have had the best skin of my life. Smooth, acne- and wrinkle-free skin. I've even had people ask me what products I use to keep my skin looking so young!

        Definitely attribute my way of eating to healthier skin.


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          I used to get cystic acne on my chin. I'd get maybe one or two a month. Doesn't sound like much, but it's terrible because they swell up like crazy and take at least a week to go down and heal. Strange because I never really had acne problems as a teenager. The cystic acne started in my early twenties, but I think it just got worse as I got older.

          I had attempted going primal in the past but never really stuck to it (would last as few weeks at most). But I finally went primal a year ago and pretty much stuck to it except for occasional cheats. Since going primal, I have only gotten one cystic acne, but that was the week after taking the bar exam so it was right after a very stressful period. Additionally, the weekend before the exam, I went nuts and ate a box of Cheez-Its, a bag of Goldfish, and half a box of animal crackers so that may have contributed as well. Other minor cheats have not created skin repercussions.

          I still have minor problems with blackheads and occasional white heads, but nothing terrible. I didn't go primal to treat acne. I did it to lose weight. Never lost any weight, but the acne went away. I've recently gone paleo, i.e., gave up dairy, but since that was recent, dairy wasn't the thing that caused my acne. I think for me it was wheat, but I've read that it's dairy for some people.

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