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Lenten Whole30 Learnings: Easter Can't Get Here Fast Enough!

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  • Lenten Whole30 Learnings: Easter Can't Get Here Fast Enough!

    Lenten Whole30 is coming to a close, and I can honestly say that I had no intentional cheats over the entirety of Lent. Twice we had instances where we found out after the fact that something we ate had soy, but other than that my wife and I were clean. Of course, lent being longer than usual this year is some kind of cosmic joke, but that's what we signed up for. Here's what I'm taking away from my Whole30 experience:

    - Dairy really does do a number on me. I lost two inches off my waist and several pounds. The only thing I cut out, aside from alcohol, was all dairy. That's the only explanation. I'll be limiting dairy to only once or twice a week once Easter gets here. This was kind of a revelation since, as I said, I've never gone dairy free.
    - I really need to watch alcohol intake if I want to maintain this weight progress and fitness gains. Once a week, tops.
    - Fruit doesn't really keep me from losing weight or seem to cause other distress. Whether I should be eating a lot of fructose is another matter, but my wife and I gorged on berries, apples, and bananas to no ill-effect that we could tell. I'm going to keep fruit as a part of my usual diet.
    - Primal mayonnaise can be put on almost anything.

    I'm actually nervous about what's going to happen after I stop this Whole30 cycle. I don't intend to totally binge, but my brother-in-law's bachelor party is on Friday and I intend to have some beers.

    How is everyone else doing with their Lenten Whole30?

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    I do not ever intend to go back to dairy in any significant way. Hard cheeses only and only as a "condiment". I definitely have an inflammatory reaction to dairy. I've not done a strict whole 30 but more of my 30 and I intend to pretty much keep on going indefinitely.
    Wheat is the new tobacco. Spread the word.


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      I am halfway through and have missed that glass of wine...until yesterday. I don't know what happened I just didn't want it at all. Same w dairy.
      I will probably not give up either but maybe follow the 80/20 just to keep from sliding back into too much dairy. The wine is not an issue since I only drink 3-4 oz 4-5 days/wk.
      Really don't know if I'd use the 20% but will leave it open if I want it.

      Sounds like a big success for you.