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"Post-Binge" Fasting

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    Originally posted by morganpmiller View Post
    Im not sure you are qualified to say someone has an eating disorder based on the fact they say they have been enjoying bingeing lately. What if tomorrow they get sick of it and stop? What if they never did it before and they are giving in to emotion driven eating as a result of a a bad break up? Then what if they stop bingeing once they start feeling better, and never binge again the rest of their lives? Do they just simply have an eating disorder? I love how people here think they are such experts and so readily diagnose disorders of behavior, then quickly place a label on a fellow member.
    Thanks for the support Morgan, I will say that lately I've been dealing with some PTSD and depression symptoms. I was diagnosed with PTSD two years ago, and while they say it never really goes away and "it's a coping disease" I have seen a link between the two.

    Just as an update for all who care, I have been doing a much better job eating, being mindful, smaller bites, enjoying food, etc. It's a never ending battle but you all give me hope, and I appreciate it.
    Yes, I'm a real person.