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Dealing with carb cravings: from low-fat-low-proteine to primal

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  • I did an IF this week to check how my body would handle it. I had breakfast at 6:00 in the morning and skipped lunch and ate again at 6:30 in the evening. I had no hunger pangs or low experiences of low blood glucose whatsoever. My insulin sensitivity is great nowadays. I do eat more carbs than in the initial phase, but I just make sure the fat is central and I eat enough protein to meet my bodies needs. Shying away from carbs (the leafy greens + meat Atkins type fanatics) is just as retarded as eating them in absurdly high amounts (modern processed birdseed diet).

    Here is another macro breakdown on which I consumed more carbs and protein than usual (normally I eat slightly more fat, but on this day I ate a lot of fish (herring and salmon for post work-out protein purposes) and carbs from a heap of carrots, blueberries, kiwi, banana, greens and other veggies. My fruit max for the day is set to 3 by default, I can use a moderate amount of fast carbs for an active lifestyle (and active brain processing, I think people tend to underestimate the amount of glucose you can burn by making an effort to work out their cognitive muscle). And I don't fret if I throw a bunch of sweet potato, leeks or carrots (or other higher-carb veg) on top of that. It's all about keeping it in the healthy type of foods ranges. It kind of goes back to the whole beef with low-carb that I had in the initial part of this journal. It's just as silly as the high-carb crap food diet (well, perhaps slightly less silly, but still silly). Low-carb is helpful for transitioning more efficiently to fat-burning and restoring insulin sensitivity in the initial transition to Paleo-type diets, as well as helpful if your goal is weight loss. For most people, however, a balanced paleo diet of about equal amounts of each macro (in GRAMS, NOT CALORIES, that is) is the way to go. I think this especially applies for people with a fast metobolism and an active lifestyle.

    Calories: 2,580 cals
    Fat: 145.3 grams
    Carbohydrate: 174.8 grams
    Protein: 156.2 grams
    Fat (50%)
    Carbs (26%)
    Protein (24%)
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    • Reduce carbs and/or cycle, increase saturated fat especially butter, intermittent fast or try leptin reset. Activity should be primal- walking and weight lifting mostly, with all-out exercise once in a while- my cravings were worse on a cross fit type exercise program and are better more primal.


      • Along with all these recomendations, try to increase your water intake. Every time after a solid meat you feel like you want to eat something, drink water, at least 2 litres per day. As our body is composed of 70% water, many times we do not even realize that ours bodies need waterbodybuilding supplementsand not food.
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        • Day 508,

          I thought I'd give an update. I keep improving on all aspects (strength, flexibility, mood, energy, endurance). I no longer have any doubts about paleo, this is the way I should eat. My body keeps getting stronger and ailments of my joints, intestines, inflammation and mood are becoming less prevalent. Life get's more and more enjoyable and the slow, steady, gradual improvements just keep stacking. I'm excited to see where I'll be in the months and years to come.

          For anyone on the fence about trying paleo or upset and frustrated that it doesn't produce the desired results in the short-term, hang in there, and stick with it, because your short-term investments will pay off in the long run. This shit ain't easy, especially not if you have to go thru an insane recovery mode and crashing low like I had to, but hey, if that's what's required for the strength and health I want, I'd readily do it again.
          Free book on Self-change (aswell as Paleo articles) at my website: