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Question about cravings!

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  • Question about cravings!

    I have been doing Primal for about three solid weeks. I lost quite a bit of weight at first and have a significant amount more to lose, around 30 pounds. I am really wanting to cut my fat % down and have recently ran into some problems. Prior, I ate bacon and eggs for breakfast. I would say around 5-6 slices of bacon along with three eggs. I would eat meat and veggies for dinner covered in grass fed butter. After listening to a podcast about getting lean on Paleo, I decided to cut out the high fat in the mornings but still use butter. Lately I have fallen off of the wagon so to speak, ok, so I did fall off. I have ate horrible the past two days because I have been so hungry and craving sweets. Should I get back on the bacon and eggs in the mornings? I would like to but I want to lean out. I know it is better than the alternative that eating three packages of pop tarts this morning! Any suggestions? Also, what percentage of fat should I take in? I am shooting for 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight but what about fat? Thanks all!

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    Keeping fat high keeps satiety high, as you've noticed. Low-fat Paleo is called Faileo in some circles for the exact reason that it tends to leave you hungry and vulnerable to falling off the wagon.

    As long as you're not actually gaining fat, keep with the high fat. 3 weeks isn't much time for your body to get used to the new order of things, so to speak, it'll take time for the hormonal issues to right themselves. As for how much fat, just how much do you want to measure everything you eat? If you don't mind doing it, I'd say 1g/lb protein, 50-100g carb, the rest of your calories as fat. Which brings the next question, how many calories? Use the calorie calculator here, then subtract 300-500. Then see how your body reacts and add or subtract calories as needed.

    If you don't want to measure, the "eat when hungry until satisfied" standby works. Assuming you like to have your meals at semi-predictable times of the day, subtract fat if you're consistently not hungry at mealtimes, add fat if you're hungry before then.