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Does coconut oil trigger insulin release?

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    Medium chain fats

    Originally posted by camel View Post
    Thanks so much for the replies!

    Ok, but I'm seriously confused.

    I read Taubes latest book "Why we get fat" and it really has me convinced that insulin is the main driver of fat storage and fat loss. Previously I had done Atkins level of carbs (12-15 veggie carbs) for a year - and I lost 20 pounds - but I still had cravings and serious hunger, and the weight loss was painfully slow. So I read in Taubes book that some people have to go even lower in carbs to lower their insulin level and therefore shed the fat.

    So thus the experimentation with lowering my insulin levels. I bought a blood glucose monitor and have been tracking my blood sugar levels. I've been reading a lot about Primal and think that is ideally what I would like to do to maintain and attempt to heal my metabolism (started dieting when I was 10, pretty much been on a diet ever since. Always battle hunger and tiredness after eating)

    I thought maybe I would lose the weight, and then focus my diet on healing.
    I have also started running - not much, maybe gentle jogging 20 min 3x per week.

    I don't know if I'm on the right track though. I feel so lost sometimes!

    It's my understanding that coconut oil is a medium chain fat and is more readily converted to glucose (fuel to burn) than most other fats, but no where near as readily as carb-based foods. Additionally, you might trying eating carbs that are very slow to convert to glucose, such as legumes. The great thing about legumes is that they, like veggies, contain significant amounts of fiber, but also bring lots of quality calories without spiking your blood sugar. I would think this is the ideal solution for the hunger pangs. I've been trying to "convert" my metabolism by eating almost exclusively a 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 mix of cubed chicken, black beans, and mixed veggies in really any total amount that will satisfy in any given situ. What's great is that a #10 can of black beans costs $5.00 from Gordon Foods, and they also carry this really handy real cubed frozen chicken and of course about any style of mixed veggies you might like, all for really reasonable. I drain the black beans, and split them up into medium sized freezer bags along with the chicken and veggies so I can have my standard meal anytime I'm at work or at home. Salt, pepper, garlic powder, curry, dill, whatever spices turn you on, with a little dab of coconut oil popped in the microwave for 2 mins makes for a great protein, fat, fiber, veggie and "slow carb" meal which is incredibly tasty and filling.
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      CalamityD, please read the readily available material explaining why legumes are often discouraged .
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        Originally posted by lssanjose View Post
        CalamityD, please read the readily available material explaining why legumes are often discouraged .
        If one prepares beans by soaking them overnight in lemon juice or vinegar and sprout them for several days there won't be anything wrong with them. However, some people might still get into some trouble by eating them due to a poor digestive system.


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          Cure for too much insulin release.

          If I eat coconut oil by itself and swallow.. I get lite headed/dizzy shortly after (which means I get an insulin release). If I let it melt in my mouth and eat it slowly I'm fine.

          I'm pretty sure that I have reactive hypoglycemia/hyper-insulin/Insulin resistance. My body just releases way too much insulin on any protein or carbs (especially sugar) food that I eat.

          I'm interested if someone else has a similar conduction as me and if they have found a cure or not?