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Getting a Physical...What blood tests do I ask for?

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  • Getting a Physical...What blood tests do I ask for?

    Hello all. I'm getting a physical next week and besides the usual cholesterol and glucose tests what other tests should I have done? I want to find out if I have any vitamin/mineral deficiencies but have no idea what the test is called. Thanks in advance!!

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    I just got a lab req yesterday for blood test for a physical. I'm looking at it right now. The doctor just checked off a bunch of different things. Under the section called 'chemistry' there's a big list of things. I asked him to make sure I got nutrient tests as well beyond fasting glucose and cholesterol. He was going to do it anyways. So I have sodium, potassium, chloride, urea, creatine, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. There's a bunch of others that I have no idea what they are... GGT, ALT, AST and uric acid. A routine urinalysis as well.

    He also put down a CRP test which is something to do with reactive proteins and a TSH which has to do with thyroid function.


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      Ditto to SpecOps-

      I would only add ApoE Genotype to determine how your body will respond to the amount of fat in your diet.
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        I would say a VAP, Vit D, and CRP at the very least.
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          Thank you all for the replies. I will ask my doctor to run these tests. I've only seen him once and got my blood sugar tested. I was still following a CW diet but losing weight. I've been primal for about a month. My fasting glucose was fine but my A1-C level was high and he said it could be an indication of pre-diabetes. At the time of that test I was eating healthier for almost 2 months. Before that my diet was AWFUL! A 2-liter of soda a day, fast food 12 times a week (lunch and dinner), cookies, cake you name it I ate The doctor told me to reduce carbs (bread, potatoes, rice, sweets). I thought he was crazy because I was eating carbs "in moderation". I've lost 91 pounds total in 7months and 12 since going primal. So I'm hopeful that my doctor doesn't follow CW thinking and will run these comprehensive tests. Thanks again for all the advice.


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            Hey just stumbled across this post and wanted to see how your blood work ended up looking. Curious to see if your A1c was any lower after being primal for a while, I know it can take several months to go down if diet was especially poor.
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              A1c pretty much represents a 90 day average of your blood glucose.

              It is not the case that it takes A1c longer to lower if the diet had been poor. In fact, blood cells live longer in normal blood sugar conditions, and die faster in high blood sugar conditions.

              So, the longer the cells live, the more time they have to accumulate gucose, and the higher the A1C will be.

              Therefore... if you had been eating a poor diet, your blood sugar would have been higher, and your blood cells would have died sooner, so, I would expect that given a 90 day interval between A1C tests, the person with the previously poor diet would read a lower A1C than a person with a previously good diet, all else equal (which they never are).


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                Interesting stuff Wasky, thanks.
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                  Hi I finally got my results back from doctor (they were transitioning to new computer system, I got lost in shuffle). I was only a month into primal so the results aren't that great.

                  April 15, 2011. I started primal March 7, 2011.

                  Total Cholesterol: 180
                  LDL-C: 137
                  HDL-C: 36 (Had screening for work in January it was 35)
                  Triglycerides: 37 (85 in January, I am really happy about this number!)

                  LDL-P (particle number): 2531 nmol/L (according to Dr not good its listed as very high and 95th percentile)

                  I don't really know what these numbers mean:

                  HDL-P (total): 19.0 mol/L
                  Small LDL-P: 2194 nmol/L
                  LDL Size: 19.7 nm

                  Insulin Resistance Score:

                  46 out of 100

                  I took a home A1C test in June and it was 4.9.

                  I lost about 80 pounds prior to taking these tests and I was following the CW eating plan of "hearthealthywholegrains". I guess that didn't work too well for

                  In January I will be taking blood work again by then I will be 9 months doing Primal. I hope my numbers will improve!
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