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Why am I starting to crash?

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  • Why am I starting to crash?

    ABout an 90 minutes ago I finsihed lunch and now I'm feeling sleepy.

    I had the following for lunch and I can't figure out what is causing (I assume) an insulin reactiton.

    Iceburg Lettuce
    5 oz can tuna
    2 Tablespoons Helmens Mayo
    diced onions
    Slice black olives
    1 medium tomato



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    maybe you're just tired....
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      I’ve gotten “sleepy” from a variety of food combinations. I usually attribute it to being in my car reading after eating though, were you similarly inactive?
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        Sugar in the mayo?
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          Do you like other lettuce types? Iceberg lettuce is basically water in solid leaf form and lacking quality nutrients.
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            The mayo is full of bad oils and probably has HFCS in it--read the label. That may be where your problem lies.

            After multiple tries, I managed to make my own mayo once I bought a stick blender. It takes about 20 seconds and tastes way better than the supermarket kind. You can get stick blenders (also called immersion blenders) cheap on Amazon, and they're good for lots of things, not just mayo.


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              Maybe it's cause I'm sitting at work reading the web. Wev'e had a work stoppage. After I had the short crash I got up and poured myself a large mug of water. I'm doing much better. Just took another break and walked around the park across from the office.

              I did read this morning about making your own mayo. I'm going to try that out for myself.



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                Originally posted by ELCO14 View Post
                Do you like other lettuce types? Iceberg lettuce is basically water in solid leaf form and lacking quality nutrients.
                I do. but I just bought the ice berg cause its easier to slice off a chunk. I usually eat bib, red leaf lettuce, or romain lettuce.


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                  Hellmann's Mayo ingredients:

                  Soybean oil, whole eggs, vinegar, water, egg yolks, salt, sugar, lemon juice, natural flavors, calcium disodium EDTA (used to protect quality).
                  The nutritional label lists 0g of carbs so that would mean 0.5g of sugar or less in their standard 1TB serving. That's not much sugar. I agree about making some mayo without soybean oil, but I don't see that as a likely culprit for your crash. The rest of the meal doesn't have much in the way of carbs, either. Maybe it's not enough calories for you? I'm guesstimating that at around 450 calories.


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                    Staring at a computer for any length of time is an energy sucker for me - I have to limit myself to short periods or I turn into slothlady

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                        Lack of sleep, lack of calories, lack of water, lack of stimulating activity.
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                          What oil was the Tuna canned in? Food intolerance reactions can include symptoms like you described.


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                            its the mayo! i had the EXACT lunch yesterday except only with mayo, tuna and celery. i ended up also feeling very tired, but i've had tuna and celery before with no problem so i think it's the mayo. in fact, i also used helmen's mayo. i looked at the ingredients and it's mostly soybean oil, which is the bad kind of oil. i threw it away afterwards.


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                              Originally posted by ELCO14 View Post
                              Iceberg lettuce is basically water in solid leaf form...
                              LOL...liquid, vapor, solid, and...leaf.
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