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Primal for about a year, but lately, always hungry, please help!

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  • Primal for about a year, but lately, always hungry, please help!

    Ok i am not new to going primal and not new to reading posts about people being hungry. Perhaps the answer is right in front of me or perhaps i missed it in the search area, if either of those are the case then i apologize.

    Normaly, 'cept in the last month or so, i have had no trouble with hunger issues. The problem seemed to arise when i started fasting (maybe) for about 16-18 hours tuesday, wednesdays, and thursdays. On those days i would come home and eat a big dinner, then i'll be hungry very shortly after and it seems it cannot be quelled. But, it even carried over into the other days. I have stopped doing the fasts, but will continue to fast on some wednesdays. So far, no change and i am still hungry. I don't think fat is the issue here. After dinner i have been delving into my pork rinds and/or olives, and after a large amount, i put them down because i am running low and i know i'll be hungrier later. I have even resorted to taking chomps of butter, lol. Iv'e even tried to get lots of meat (protein seems to help, protein shakes seem to help a little bit too, but don't last long, also i'm trying to stay away from too much liquid food). No matter what the meal, i seem to always be hungry. Maybe its i'm simply just not eating enough throughout the day? I have been plugging random meals into fitday and found that even on the rare days that i feel stuffed and that i felt i ate too much i was surprised to see my calories were at about 3000. Another fitday entry, on a semi- normal day was about 2000 calories. I am 174 lbs. I do Crossfit Footbal at least 3x a week and work 3 days at a slow pace for my job. My bf% is anywhere from 10%-14%. Still trying to cut while gaining some strength which is hard to achieve, but for now i'd rather lean out, but i'm really not worrying about that at all right now.

    A typical breakfast is 3 eggs with 2-3 strips bacon. Maybe some veggies. And no fruit. I usually skip lunch and have dinner, the parental unit usually cooks chicken and i get my fill, but normally have to stop before i get yelled at for eating all the food. I normally eat a good amount of green vegetables here too. Btw, my mom is italian so there is olive oil on everything. I take my fish oil and at night i'll make something that looks like breakfast again. I'll have some coconut milk unsweetened hot chocolate at random parts of the day (with no sugar or artificial sweeteners, just stevia which hasn't effected my satiety in the past). PWO i'll scarf down some eggs and a yam if i used a lot of glycogen (usually i work out at night and this PWO meal replaces my normal meal after dinner, the only difference is that i eat a yam). I do fear that i don't get enough protein, maybe that is the problem, i get plenty at dinner, but not so much throughout the rest of the day. Maybe my body demands more calories too?

    Please help, this is the first time iv'e had to post and ask for help on diet, normally i find the answer searching or through Mark's blog, but this one i'm having trouble. (maybe the hunger is effecting my brain :S) And thanks to those of you who actually took the time to read are truly a sucker, lol, jk (i need to poke some fun at my troubles). Thanks for any advice too.

    P.S. As i'm writing this it really seems like i just need extra protein, it seems real hard to get that extra healthy protein in.Maybe i'm just looking for people to agree with this, but i am worried i'll put on some weight. Time to do some tests with more meat and maybe more dairy. Still, any advice or experiences would be much appreciated.

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    I tend to go through cycles with hunger. Most of the time I'm perfectly fine with two meals a day, under 1500 calories or so. But there are times, sometimes lasting a couples weeks, when I can't seem to get enough food. I know that I'm generally low on protein, so I'm working on getting enough and cutting back a bit on the fat. Protein comes first. My guess from looking at your food is that you are nowhere near 150 grams of protein. (I didn't actually do the math. That's a guesstimate. ) Eat your protein first, eat fat (but don't necessarily go looking for it - cook with it, eat fat from the meat, etc.), and keep your carbs below 100 or so. Good luck!


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      I like what you said, protein comes first...i think i'm going to put my pork rinds away for now. Lol.


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        your body may be sending out "hunger" signals because you are lacking essential vitamins. this is very common in people who do not eat enough vegetables, as their bodies are seriously deprived of nutrients. if you look at the PB pyramid, vegetables are on the bottom and should be consumed the most. many people overestimate the importance of meat and underestimate the importance of vegetables, which are extremely important for healthy metabolism, repairing tissues and organs, and maintaining healthy body function. from looking at your food intake, it seems like you are seriously lacking in the veggie department. i recommend making veggie "smoothies" (with all the colorful veggies you can find, like spinach, carrots, beets, bell peppers, kale, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, ginger, etc...) that you can drink with your breakfast. by making vegetable "smoothies" you can easily consume lots of different vegetables at once! and even if it doesn't help your hunger issues, at least you'll know for sure you aren't lacking vitamins!


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          It's funny I have had the same thing. All last summer I would be really hungry for a week, and then very satiated.


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            You might also want to reconsider the "protein comes first" mentality. Proteins as well as carbs raise insulin, which can easily lead to low blood sugar after eating, causing fake feelings of hunger. Fats are the only macronutrients that do not raise insulin, and in fact produce lower insulin levels when adequately combined with your meals. That's why high fat, moderate protein and low carb diets are so effective, especially when all of the carbs you are consuming are from non-starchy vegetables (and lots of them!).


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              It sounds to me like you may not actually be eating enough. I don't find chicken to be very filling - at least not for very long. Could you add more beef into your diet? When cooking your eggs and bacon, just fry up a ground beef patty, top with a little butter, and eat with your eggs.

              Are you eating any liver, bone marrow, bone broths, or other organ meats? I am asking because I recently had a month long crazy increase in appetite. I seem to have come back around to normal by cutting way down on dark chocolate and adding some liverwurst in to my diet a few days a week.

              Good luck.
              Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )



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                Describe your fasting day. Are you fasting all day and then just eating a big dinner? On my fast days, I fast until a later lunch time and then I have to eat 3 full meals worth of food within the next 8 hours (I do the 8 hour eating window) or my body seems to know I haven't had enough calories and I get very hungry later in the evening.


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                  I can say from my own personal body and experiences and every single time it happens I can pinpoint it on two things that really boil down to one thing: nutrients

                  Whenever I half-ass my day it sure enough always bites me. I could have eaten all day today if I had the time but that was the problem. I had no time. I set the stuff out to make a BAS twice today and it never happened. While I ate primal, I didn't eat many veggies at all. Or any?

                  My body is screaming nutrients.

                  I can also have this if I eat lower calories for a few days back to back. It catches up to me.


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                    It could be veggies. I do get a lot at dinner time though. I could be lacking throughout the rest of the day. I'll have to switch my breakfasts to a mixed greens salad (with meat of course) and see how i feel.

                    Lol, i would love to add more beef to my diet its my go to meat. I do not eat any organ meats, i am trying to find ways to sneak those in, but iv'e never had this problem before so i don't think its the organ meats.

                    When i was fasting i was starting at about 11:00 pm, sleeping, then working, then eating around 5:00 pm the next day. Then i would eat a big dinner and i would usually make another meal before bed and maybe a snack. I have ditched this, except for on some wednesdays, in order to get more protein/ calories in.

                    Not sure if this is relevant, but i am supplementing with magnesium citrate and vitamin D.

                    And me and my GF stopped at Elevation Burger last night (grass fed burger place) and i got 2x double beef patties wrapped in lettuce of course (with real cheddar cheese, tomato, onion, and pickle). This was after a day of breakfast and dinner. I felt pretty full. But, this test was inconclusive because i ate dinner around 5pm (still hungry after dinner), had burgers around 8:15pm(felt full), and went to the gym and made food again at 10:30pm (full), so it was a compressed eating schedule.

                    I would be thrilled if my activity level requires me to be eating more, but i am also afraid that i'll put some weight back on (gotta look good for the summer lol) Thanks again guys.


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                      Ghrelin is going to trigger "hunger" at times your body is used to eating. Has nothing to do with lack of calories or nutrients.

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