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    I know your philosophy is not to count calories. And I absolutely agree with it as a general lifestyle goal. But it is important for me to approximate calories, and that is the basis of my question here.

    Suppose I ingest the following on a given day (this is a very hypothetical question):

    180 g fat *720 calories
    180 g protein *720 calories
    200 g carbs *800 calories
    ----Of the 200 g of carbs, 50 g are fiber
    ----A total of 2240 calories

    So should I count the fiber calories or no? With the grams of fiber excluded, I am eating 150g of carbohydrates per day, which puts me just inside your recommendation for maintenance body weight. It also saves me 200 calories each day, so I would only be consuming 2040 calories per day. So which math/counting system would you use/recommend I go by? Do fiber calories count, or no?

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    Mark always includes fiber grams as part of the carb gram count. The reason is that you can't know how much of it your body might use, so just count it as part of the calorie count and assume your body uses it all.
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      If your body doesn't use it all the toilet paper will! LOL


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        Humans actually convert 8% of fiber into fatty acids that can be utilized for energy through gut fermentation. But I would say not to count the 50g of fiber. Also you only counted each gram of fat as 4 calories but fats contain 9 calories per grams.


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          Good catch Kurite! That makes a huge difference.


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            agreed. not one of my finer moments


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              Does anyone know off hand if Cron-O-Meter counts the fiber as carb energy?
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                Originally posted by Doddibot View Post
                Does anyone know off hand if Cron-O-Meter counts the fiber as carb energy?
                It doesn't