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Buying coconut flour? almond flour?

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  • Buying coconut flour? almond flour?

    or for that matter almonds. where is the most economical place to buy these?

    I have ground up almonds in my vita-mix, never bought almond flour. But this weekend my husband was complaining about the high cost of almonds. Keeping in mind that food has gone up across the board, anyone have good sources for coconut flour? almonds?


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    For any dry coconut products i have found that online is the best source. I buy in bulk at


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      Another vote for bulk on Amazon!


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        wow, that coconut flour is expensive. At my health food store yesterday I finally found some sitting on a cart. As I picked it up the employee said 'wait that's expired'. Me: 'ok' as I start to walk off with it. "wait" again she calls and takes it out of my hands. It's expired. Guess I'm glad I didn't take that $25 bag up to the cashier as I would have felt obliged to buy it then.
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          Trader Joe's has good prices on almond meal/flour and almonds. At least they did last time I was there.


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            I'm partial to Tropical Traditions for coconut products. They have rotating sales, so when coconut flour / oil / cream concentrate go on sale, I'm ready to throw down and stock up for a while.
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              Originally posted by O_O
              I buy Bob's Red Mill organic coconut flour which comes out of their gluten free plant.

              Organic Coconut Flour - Bob's Red Mill

              For almond flour I like JK Gourmet. It is very fine and certified gluten free. Almond flour isn't going to keep for long period of times. Not something I would buy in bulk.

              Grain-Free JK Gourmet Almond Flour
              +1 on Bob's Red Mill organic coconut flour... my order just came in yesterday to my house (!!!). I will be happily employing it this upcoming weekend in my birthday cake (just don't get me started on the conversation my mother and I had about that lol - "Will it actually look like a cake?" "Yes mom, it IS a kind of flour" "But those pancakes you make don't look like pancakes" "Mom, it's my birthday, my cake" sheesh. a little faith here? lol)
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                I'm lucky enough to have most (if not all) of the Bob's Red Mill products in the bulk section of my local organic store Very cost-effective and I can buy as much or as little as I want at a time



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                  MMMMM thanks for posting that recipe O_O! I can't wait to make it this weekend. I just bought some coconut flour last night )


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                    To the OP: Where do you live?

                    I live in Central Valley California and I buy raw almonds from farmers off of Craigslist (the going price is $2-$2.50 lb.). A lot of times that is the shelled and hulled price, if you are willing to do that you can save more and get into the $1 lb. range.

                    I bet if you offered some money one of them might ship to you for cheap.

                    I have also been known to go out back (I live adjacent to a 188 acre organic almond orchard) and shake some almonds loose in the fall/winter