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Flu and staying primal

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  • Flu and staying primal

    I just recently contracted a mild strain of the flu, not going to the doctor. I've been treating it with zinc, vit c, vit d3, advil/tylenol and some echinacea tea. I haven't had any throwing up yet I haven't been eating or drinking much in the way of fluids either. The most I've had is 2 cups of chicken soup and some chicken wings the past 2 days. In the past, Gatorade was my go to drink. I may have drank 16-20 oz of water since yesterday. Am I doing ok or should I be drinking more and if so, would Gatorade be ok?

    I should also state that I have been steadily improving since yesterday and am also taking some Braggs ACV periodically.

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    I think if I was in your position, I would try to stay primal. Gatorade is going to spike your insulin like crazy, which is probably going to make you feel worse. I would stay with the chicken soup for liquids and eat whatever else primal stuff you feel like you can handle. I am glad to hear you are feeling better compared to yesterday.

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