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  • Protein before bed

    I've been hearing that having protein before bed helps you to break down fat while you're sleeping. Does anyone know anything about this ... true? crap? This info is coming from the CW community which makes me wonder. However, I do have a low cal protein shake each day that I could move to before bed time if this is true ... looking for knowledge & opinions on this matter.
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    i don't think your body really cares what time you feed it. there are all kinds of things going on while you're sleeping, including release of HGH which can counteract cortisol which increases just sleeping is good for fat loss. if you're hungry before bed, try eating something and track your progress


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      I think that sounds like BS.


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        I am just eating primally when I am hungry at that is what is working for me - I don't think there is any real data behind eating at a certain time of the day.

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          My most protein filled and biggest meal is about an hour or so before bed. I've seen or felt no ill effects from this type of feeding.


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            I haven't gotten my book yet, still waiting but I did read how you should eat when you're hungry and l tried that yesterday and today and I've only had a small amount of food! smaller than I would normally have. I usually get hungry though on the ride home so I saved some celery sticks in case...
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              Originally posted by twinklebree View Post
              *gets a tick*


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                i've heard that eating before bed is bad because it will lower the amount of HGH released during sleep?