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First post! Question about staying lean

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  • First post! Question about staying lean

    Hey guys!
    First thread here. I just ordered The Primal Blueprint from amazon. Can't wait to start reading it!

    I'm 21 years old, muscular and healthy. I have been training with weights for almost 4 years now and a couple of months a year I also do some HIIT and regular cardio. Almost a year ago I started a 3 month project where I wanted to see how lean I was able to go. My approach was high protein/low fat and to reduce calories. I've attached the results.

    Today I'm almost at base level, even though I've sticked to eating what conventional wisdom says is healthy. It seems like my body has an 'equilibrium' where it automatically tends to go if I don't put in the effort of staying in my calorie sweet spot?

    So my motivation for this lifestyle change would be to maintain a lean physique throughout the year - without putting in the extra effort. I would be happy with something inbetween the two pictures.

    So is this something that would be possible with following The Primal Blueprint, or is this simply a matter of calories in vs calories out? I eat a lot of bread, rice and potatoes, so theres's definatly room for improvent. Maybe this subject is covered in the book?

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    i suppose if you're wondering if someone eating primally can stay lean, you only need to look at a picture of mark sisson.

    bear in mind that the primal blueprint is helpful for fat/weight loss, but it's more important for overall health. that bread has got to go.


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      thanks rob!

      I was thinking more about staying leaner than where you are genetically supposed to be(atleast where I'm at when I eat the carbohydrates), if it makes any sense?


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