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    I feel like I'm eating too much protein? Especially in the morning. I have felt better eating this way for so many reasons. I would like to lose a little bit of weight but I'm not sure if I am eating too much protein is there a site or previous thread to look at to figure out my protein needs.


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    Protein can not be stored by the human body. If you're not lifting then you need betwen .8 and 1 g per lb of lean body mass. Carbohydrates can be stored once a body's glycogen stores are full and fat can be stored any time that it's not needed to fulfill a body's energy needs.


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      Why do you feel like you're eating too much?


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        I was wondering that.

        Primal breakfasts are going to tend to be much higher protein than the norm - but this is a Good Thing, as it means they keep you going for longer. If you're eating Primal food and happy with the results and how you feel, I wouldn't worry about counting anything.


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          2.3 grams per kilo of BW seems optimal. At least for athletes.

          Increased protein intake reduces lean body mass lo... [Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2010] - PubMed result


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            Do at least 1g protein per kilo bodyweight.


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              I don't think I'm doing the math right - I'm suppose to eat 70 grams of protein a day and thats not with lifting calculated?

              Is that right?


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                try multiplying your body weight by .75
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                  You should have 0.7 g to 1 g of protein per pound of lean body mass according to most of what I've read. I aim for 1 g/pound LBM (about the same as the 2.3 g/kilo mentioned above).
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