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Meeting protein requirements and gaining

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  • Meeting protein requirements and gaining

    Hi Guys,

    I see that the general rule of thumb for protein requirement for strength training is a minimum of 1g/lb of lean body mass (as a rough guide from Mark and others).

    I currently follow a primal dietary approach combined with leangains style daily IF 16/8.

    This plan works for my lifestyle and compliance is particularly easy - currently sitting at 72kgs, between 8-10% bf.

    I have found however, that with a relatively strict paleo/primal diet, I consistently lose weight albeit very slowly... basically my body fat gets lower and lower, and the only way to counteract this is to have a large splurge on non primal foods on the weekend.

    I have two questions, which I hope some people can relate to:

    1) Does anyone find it difficult to meet protein requirements? To hit 1g+/lb of protein I'd have to eat pretty much a whole chicken every day...thats half a chicken per meal for me.. which is tough.

    2) How do you guys that are already got a good base of strength with a relatively low BF, manage to GAIN weight in the form of muscle? Would this be increased protein, i.e 1.5g/lb; or through high carb/low fat refeeds on training days a la Leangains...

    Any insights would be great!