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    I tested myelf for the first time this morning and the result was I wasn't in ketosis. Do you have to do anything special? Does eating protein and fats prevent you from entering ketosis? How long does any sugars and carbs like in fruit and yoghurt stay in the system and prevent ketosis?
    Also, I read on here to visit about fasting, but for the life of me I can't understand a lot of the info. Call me stupid, but it is technical and at no point is there written - 'the best way to follow the fasting diet is....'
    I am hesitant to do the alternate fast etc as I am afraid of losing muscle which I am working so hard to get.

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    What is your goal in wanting ketosis? I don't feel the need to go there, so long as my body is healthy with what I'm eating and I'm losing weight. You can definitely lose weight and/or build muscle without being in ketosis.
    How many carbs/day are you eating? If you're hitting 50-100g of carbs each day, you might never enter ketosis.


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      I have done 0 carb (or close to it as possible) for weeks and I never showed any of the signs of ketosis: metallic breath, ammonia sweat, changed color on that stick when I pissed all over it. But, that doesn't mean I wasn't in a state of ketosis, it just means that I apparently just suck at the tests. I wouldn't worry too much about it.
      I have also noticed that while I can do 0 carb and it doesn't affect my lifting, mood or anything else really, I lose fat faster if I eat between 50 and 100g carbs per day - usually from sweet potatoes and veggies.
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        Afternoon is the best time to test, plus if you drink lots of liquids, you will see lighter indicator on the ketostix; and some people take several days to register.
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          Why would afternoon be a better time to test? By afternoon, I've already eaten for the day. Eating usually knocks one out of ketosis, doesn't it? Why, then, would you wait until afternoon? (unless it's right before you end an IF)
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            The keto stix only show if you are spilling ketones. If you are using them all (remember ketones are fuel), you won't see a color change.

            Also, Mark & others recommend getting the Primal diet down first, before starting any fasting. I didn't start fasting until I had been Primal for 6 weeks. It actually started happening naturally, as my metabolism normalized and I only ate when I was hungry.

            For intermittent fasting advice, I follow LeanSaloon, rather than LeanGains-- much simpler. I do like LeanGains for some really great info on IFing like this:

            Basically, limit your eating window to 7 or 8 hours. Put this window at a time that works for you. I do 10-6 some days, 12-8 others. Johnny at LeanSaloon does 4-11. The timing doesn't matter. OK to have tea or coffee with a small amount of heavy cream while you are fasting.

            If you keep lifting heavy, you won't lose muscle. Read this:Muscle Building 101 | The Lean Saloon

            Have fun!
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              I started IF a year ago. 1 meal a day: dinner. No starches or grains. As much meat (mostly red)/organ meats/veggies/coconut products as I want. Rare indulgences include berries, cheese and macadamias.

              Every workout is done fasted (at least 16 hours). Every workout is intense except long walks.

              No problem whatsoever in losing any muscle, which I think is primarily a function of heavy lifting. Packed on 7kg of muscle in 1 year eating 1 meal a day.

              To me, I'm set free from obsessing about food. I don't feel hungry until dinner time, and when I have dinner, I eat as much (as opposed to anything) as I want with total abandon.

              Totally works for me.


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                Every workout is done fasted (at least 16 hours). Every workout is intense except long walks.
                Yes. This.
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