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  • Berries, Berries and Berries?

    Hi, So I was wondering what is considered a "sensible" amount of low sugar fruit and how often are we talking? Can we have fruit (like berries) every day? and if we can, then how much? 1 cup? I just am trying to get a feel for what is the low end vs high end when your eating lower sugar fruits. And then also I was wondering how often can we have apples? Thanks

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    I have berries most days - usually a combination of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, about half a cups worth (with about 1/2 cup high fat yogurt and 2 tbsp flax meal), and I am losing weight on it.

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      Kurt Harris of PaNu suggests limiting fructose to 15g or less per day. One to two apples' worth, basically.
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        If you're eating within the context of PB, you could have as many as four or five cups of berries (a cup is about 20 grams of carbohydrates) a day, but that would be pretty expensive and unnecessary. Also, many people have found that too much fruit results in fatigue, moodiness, etc. I'd suggest enjoying a cup a day, and maybe two on days where you're active.


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          It totally depends on your body and your goals.


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            I thought I read 1/2 cup per day if you are keeping carbs on the low end of 50 grams per day or less.


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              It seems widely agreed, at least by advocates of the paleo diet, that fructose intake is something to be moderated.

              Here is an interesting chart that provides the fructose content of various fruits:

              Fruits and Sugars Table

              ^I was surprised to see that apples are actually the worst (I had expected pineapple, mangos or nectarines). I was happy to see that one of my favorites, grapefruit, is quite low. We can also easily see how fructose rich dried fruit is .

              My fruit intake is probably higher than most here would recommend. It's not uncommon for me to have 1/2 grapefruit, banana, a handful of blueberries and blackberries, an apple, and a kiwi over the course of a day. I have a sweet tooth, and fruit is really the only "natural" source of sweetness. I do it for taste, not for health. I think mainstream nutritionists and media are too "easy" on fruit. You never ever hear them recommending we eat less fruit, even though the adverse effects of excess fructose seem fairly clear. I don't think it's a politically correct thing to do.
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                I've been considering going without fruit altogether. I think it makes me hungrier, and also tilts me towards craving sweet things. I've been on the FODMAP diet to try to track my IBS triggers, and the higher fructose fruits definitely have an impact on my health although they're not specifically triggers.
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                  I usually have half a cup of black/rasp/ble/strawberries, as my dessert after dinner, as they are the lowest sugar fruit.
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                    Thanks everyone for the great responses, I think I'll try to keep it 1/2 cup to 1 cup a day..


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                      I've been having half an apple sliced with almond butter as a snack and about 1/2 cup of berries with some cottage cheese, yogurt, or whipping cream on top after supper.

                      I love fruit and I find that most days, this is plenty.
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                        Everyone is different. I don't include fruit on a daily basis, instead I have it a couple times a month. It is really hard for me to lose weight so I need to be strict. But someone like my husband could eat tons of fruit and wouldn't gain a pound. So it just depends on your body and goals.


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                          Blueberries have to be the absolute best fruit, great for your brain, good for you eyes, and they actually increase insulin sensitivity. Wyman's wild frozen blueberries are the best, 4 lbs for 8 bucks at CostCo!


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                            How do you all buy berries in April? Always frozen? Or do some of you have access to fresh ones at times? Here where I live I can see fresh berries from time to time but they are pricey and not as tasty as in August or September when they are in season (here where I live).

                            If you buy them frozen, how do you eat them? Do you let them thaw first, which presumably affects consistency? I chose not to consume dairy during Whole30, so blending frozen berries with cream or yoghurt is not an option.


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                              I'm still learning and tweaking things. I love me some frozen blueberries... just learning now that I should switch out the almond milk. Interesting to hear about the potential impact on moody/fatigue. I'll have to experiment...

                              After reviewing the fructose content, I am really looking forward to the stone fruits coming into season. Peaches Baby, Peaches!