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    Elements Challenging the Validity of the Glycemic Index - - Fitness Based on Science & Experience

    I'm new to Primal and still learning, I had a person post this on another site as evidence that GI is all over rated, in his effort to prove calories in and calories out is all that matters.

    Is there any information about Alan Aragon I need to know and what do you make of his article above.

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    Personally, I've only read a few articles by Alan Aragon, but they've all been fairly sensible, evidence-based, and well researched - sometimes to a fault. I don't agree with him on everything, but I do have a lot of respect for the man. I believe that everyone has their own confirmation bias to some degree.

    Anyway, the linked article is right on, but this other person is interpreting it incorrectly. Alan Aragon isn't saying that insulin response isn't important - instead, the article explains why GI is a flawed predictor of insulin response (as well as satiety and micronutrient density, two other important considerations).
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