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Ssssscooooore! Got lard!

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  • Ssssscooooore! Got lard!

    Well, got it reserved at least. Turns out one of our local ranchers does his own butchering and also some for other folks, both livestock & game. He said there are always a few 4-H kids who raise pigs and he processes them. I asked him about beef offal too. Sit down - he usually just throws the lard and offal out. ????????? Don't you love it!

    I'll have to do my own rendering - no big whup. The cheapest (already rendered) lard I could find online was almost $10 lb. before shipping and I've found it for free. I will offer to pay him something for his trouble because I want to keep this source available, but damn - piggy paydirt, fer sur.

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    nice, I'm going to pick up my grass finished beef tomorrow I will ask the butcher if he has any such deals. Don't forget to sak about bones, to make your own stock/broth with


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      If you trust the source, ask for liver and kidneys, too. (Lots of good nutrients in both, but potential for nasty toxins as well, depending on how the animal ate.)