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  • Fasting question

    I do the P90X program. I dont follow the program by the book but I try and rotate resistance workouts with cardio every other day. I know that I need to eat protein after resistance workouts. Is it better to do a 24 hr. fast on my cardio days or does it really matter?

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    hi jeremy.

    Are you doing cardio every other day? Do you have any rest days? If not, you're probably overtraining as P90x workouts are pretty cardio-heavy from what I've seen. And adding a 24-hour fast on top of that would probably be overkill, unless by cardio you mean walking. You also don't "need" protein immediately post-workout, although it does help with building muscle. Protein intake over time is more important than over the course of a day. What are your goals?


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      I dont really have a goal to lose a certain amount of weight. Im 5'11" and weigh 193. A year ago I was up to 228 and the main reason I started working out was so I could play with my kids and not be winded after 5 minutes. I just want to put on a little more muscle and lose the belly fat. I do have at least one rest day a week. I do a couple days a week of the P90X cardio workouts.


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        Personally, I'm having good success following the leangains method. Google 'leangains guide' if you're want a more detailed approach, but here's a crash course: You fast for around 16 hours each day by skipping breakfast and maybe having a late lunch. You should break your fast with a post-workout meal or with a small pre-workout meal. Regardless of which you choose, the majority of your calories and carbs should be consumed post-workout. The post-workout meal should be fairly high-carb, moderate protein, low in fat. On rest days, just eat regular primal food (lowish carb) and eat less than you did on workout days.