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  • Wheat Bad....Ugh

    I found out firsthand what isn't good for me: Wheat for sure!! Friday night I made fried chicken, with flour mixed with spices, less than 1/2 a cup and threw away some. About an hour after dinner I had a 'bellyache'. I had saved a thigh for breakfast, which I thoroughly enjoyed.....until about an hour later....same result as after dinner. I couldn't believe it. But I respect my observation.
    This morning as soon as I got up, DH gets up earlier than I do, He had fixed both of us pancakes. They were all cooked and ready to eat, so I bit the bullet and ate them, then asked him please not to make them for me again, that the wheat n stuff was not on my Primal foods. I ate them out of politeness and gratutude for his efforts, and his pancakes tast wonderful. Well within half an hour I had the 'bellyache' again. I drank lots of water and it is gone 2 hours later.
    What a test of the system, with 3 crashes & burns, all wheat flour related. I wasn't testing the system, it just happened. I don't intend to test it again tho.
    Just thought I'd share this, and now I will look thru recipes to find a coating for the chicken that we will like. I haven't gone out to shop for other flours yet, but that is on the horizon after I get the book and do more research on what I need & want.
    Nanzi in DE My book should be delivered tomorrow. That should make this all easier.

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    Try teaching him the pancake recipe from the user-created cookbook (downloadable on this site). They are heavenly and way better than any kind of flour based cakes!
    --Trish (Bork)


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      Its probably the gluten. I have a similar response. The more paleo i get the more i notice those crappy foods effecting me. I feel like i can hear my body better. I am enjoying this because now i can honestly say that i have a sensitivity to gluten and i can avoid it easier.


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        This is so surprising and exciting to me, I've never FELT a bad reaction to flour or gluten before, AND have only been on this for just over a week. What a reaction so quickly. Can't wait to get my PB book, and then in 4 - 8 weeks the new cookbook. Until the, I'll just haunt the recipes section to cook from. We cut out prepared foods years ago, and sugar, mostly in our coffee 25+ years ago.

        And I will look for that recipe for Primal Pancakes today. Thanks for the suggestion. See, old dogs can learn new tricks. At 67 yrs old, it is sure harder to learn a new way to live than it would have been years ago.


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          Now you know! Avoid it like the plague. *whap*

          It stands to reason that a pain mechanism is only good insofar as it prompts the consciousness to stop doing the thing that causes pain. If you ate wheat all of the time since you were young your pain mechanism would have downregulated itself. Not before you cried and spit up on your parents an they wondeed what was wrong.

          Paleo babies tend to be much more happy.
          Stabbing conventional wisdom in its face.

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            You never really know what you can't eat until you stop eating it for a while. Your body does its best to adapt to the chronic inflammation and digestive reactions of offending foods but it can't keep it up forever and it's only really covering up the symptoms, not the actual damage. Since you've logged at least 3 negative digestive reactions to wheat after only just a week off of it, there's a good chance that you need to try a strict gluten free diet for a few months.

            You might want to check out Celiac Disease & Gluten-free Diet Information at for more info. The bad news is that it's a somewhat restrictive diet, the good news is that the primal diet is super gluten free!
            "You can demonstrate the purpose and limits of human digestion with a simple experiment: eat a steak with some whole corn kernels, and see what comes out the other end. It won’t be the steak."


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              i think it also has to do with what your body is used to. If you eat a vegetarian diet and then cheat and have a steak, I bet you anything that you will feel very sick. You body is used to the primal foods and all over sudden you give it something it's not used to and hence the crappy feeling.

              my mom yells at me about the diet, she doesn't understand it and tells me to eat everything in moderation; and i did get myself sick before with cheating


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                Being wheat-free is a big part of Primal for me - it was my wheat-related digestive issues that led me to MDA in the first place - and while early on I found I could get away with a 'cheat' comfortably, now if I have anything with flour in it, I feel really awful next morning and get belly cramps. People sometimes say 'oh go on a little bit won't do you any harm' but it DOES and is increasingly just not worth it.

                Frustrating when so many products contain it. The most recent was in chilli seasoning which I'd used without checking the packet. I thought it was just spices.

                @ Lardomuncher, you'll need to persuade your mom that a 'balanced' diet doesn't need to include grains. People lived for 2.4 million years or so with hardly any grain in their diet at all. She wouldn't yell at you for not including candy in moderation, would she?
                If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat? Tom Snyder


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                  @geekgrrl, my mom admits that white carbs are bad for you, but she can't shake the whole grain thing, she agrees that fruit and veg are obviously healthy and that fat is not the enemy, but she doesn't agree with me about some stuff like buckwheat, brown rice and potatoes. Also, being from russian background, bread to russians is like rice to asians. At least the bread she eats is dark bread from bakery with like 3 ingredients in it, and not bleached white supermarket bread


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                    Originally posted by lardomuncher View Post
                    Also, being from russian background, bread to russians is like rice to asians.
                    oh those cultural things are pretty hard to shake. I'm lucky, being Australian, we don't really have a cuisine - well I was brought up on mostly British stodge, but with less of the puddings and porridge due to the northern heat.
                    If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat? Tom Snyder


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                      I live in the SE, so if it ain't deep fried, it ain't food.

                      Also, tea comes with ice, and the sugar has to be brewed in..


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                        It continues with wheat. My Dh, god bless him was trying to help and picked up a bag of honey roasted chicken wings. We had them for dinner lastnight and I have had a bellyache since. They tasted WONDERFUL, but when I checked the bag, sure enough they have wheat flour in them. He is trying, I'll just keep edumicating him. And I'm done trying anything with wheat in it. I have things here I thought I could finish up before having a full
                        PB kitchen, but I guess I'll give them away. No sense in feeling crummy. I had roasted/grilled chicken leftovers for breakfast this am, and bellyache is
                        I had no idea this gluten intolerance would show up. But I guess it's better to know than not. And I thought I just had to learn to Primal eat, now it's gotta be totally gluten free too. How do you ever eat out? I'm tired of cooking after 45 years of it and look forward to our dining out.