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How to use Curcumin ?

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  • How to use Curcumin ?

    Any ideas?
    I bought 100 grams of Curcumin powder and have tried it without success so far for autoimmune disease and generally skin. First off , the taste takes some getting used to and when I put it in oily food filled with coconut oil , lots of it gets dropped. It has a nice exotic orange look so I have read about using it topically for psoriasis.

    Unfortunatelly even with coconut oil it was a mess and I have left yellow stains all around my head, hair and all around my house just trying to get rid of it. All of this could be good and may mean it really works but I don't know. On the other hand from what I have read absorbtion is the biggest issue and putting it in capsules may mean it doesn't get absorbed but maybe taking it with coconut oil would improve it since CO goes directly to the liver?

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    Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric which is a commonly used ingredient in Indian food. You could just try replacing it in a recipe (in smaller doses of course) when turmeric is called for. Otherwise maybe turmeric itself would be easier to handle rather than curcumin alone? Turmeric is very commonly used in South India on the skin -- many South Indian women go around with yellow-tinged faces due to rubbing turmeric root extract on it. This practice is dying out (probably because it looks so ghastly). But it can definitely be done, and I've heard that people get beneficial results from it.


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      Turmeric certainly stains your kitchen too, at least that's what it's done to mine. Dietary absorption of curcumin is abysmally low however it is improved somewhat by including piperin in the dish. Piperin coincidentally enough is what gives black pepper it's taste and so is commonly found in curry mixes!
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        The taste is fairly bland, you can hide it in a curry mix or other spice mix. You can also have it as tea: Turmeric tea.
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          Put a few teaspoons in guacamole!


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            Be careful with turmeric though! eating too much will make you really nauseous! I used to take extract, and it made me feel ill for hours after!

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