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  • I have failed you grok

    So I have been strict primal for 2 and 1/2 weeks and lost 8 lbs. I cheated yesterday with grain filled junk. Gained 4 lbs from that cheat and was wondering how long it will take to get rid of what I am assuming is water weight.

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    4lbs, how much did you eat? But don't worry it will pass soon if it just water. But get right back on the wagon and make today a new day. Don't worry about the slip.
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      That's mostly water weight, not fat. Don't worry about it.


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        Yah thats what I figured. And I didn't even cheat all that much but apparently my body gets pissed even at small cheats.


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          I gained about 10 lbs. after eating a lot of crap for about a week on vacation. After about a week back it was pretty much gone. Nothing to worry about.
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