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  • Information overload

    Ever since finding this way of eating I have been researching and reading non-stop and my brain is fried. Not to mention I am finishing my nutrition degree and feel pissed about conventional wisdom and the money I have spent to learn it. I have tried to incorporate this way of eating into my final project and it is not well accepted and I just feel fried and stressed. I don't know what I will do when I graduate and will have all of these school loans to pay off and it is really stressing me out. Didn't know where else to release this Thanks for reading...

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    All that money spent on CW nutrition indoctrination? Short of demanding your money back, you'll just have to move on and make the best of it. Even though you don't feel the information you were taught was all that useful, you will have a degree in nutrition, and that will surely mean something to a prospective employer. The best case would be to use that degree to help you get a job, and then use what you actually know about nutrition science to help others.

    If it helps, think of your situation as though it's a kidney stone. It's going to hurt, but it will soon pass. Er, maybe that's not very helpful...but hopefully it cheered you up a bit.


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      Thanks, Big L Just one of those days, you know?


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        I thought I wanted to be a Dietician when I was 18. I didn't go to university right away and instead partied and did a lot of drugs while working a low-paying job. At 21 years of age (or maybe late 20) I developed some health issues and decided to start learning about nutrition and health for real. I eventually discovered paleo/primal and it all finally clicked - I had found many useful truths about nutrition that CW just wasn't sharing. Now I am very healthy and glad for the experience. If I hadn't been a diseased junkie who wasted years of his life I would have ended up going to nutrition school! Thank you, drugs and disease

        I hope that helps, dude.
        Stabbing conventional wisdom in its face.

        Anyone who wants to talk nutrition should PM me!


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          Aww, everything will be okay! Take a breath!

          I get stressed sometimes when I think of my loans and where I'm at goalwise with my career. But it helps to seriously take a breath and just let that emotion out in a healthy way, then come back later and think of it rationally.

          I had a little meltdown yesterday. I cried and told my boyfriend about how I just felt like I wasn't in the right job, how I haven't been getting bites on my resumes that I've sent out 30000094029 times, and how I felt like I would never pay everything off or be happy.....etc.....

          So he let me do my thing, and then after I had released the emotion, he reminded me: A) You have a degree (in your case you are getting one); B) Everything is going to be okay! C) Yes, you've got debt. It's not gonna just go away. Take it month by month, and pay what you can. D) It will all work itself out!

          I believe in you, healthy11 !!! Get that degree!!! What you learn to GET a degree means almost nothing IMO. It's what you do when you are out in the world that really matters. Degrees are formalities that help us get through societal money-making doors.

          And after you find a job, look at the loans and work out how much you can pay per month, then just do it. And try not to think about the bottom line so much. It'll go down gradually. And remember, when you feel overwhelmed go play, or take a walk, or lift heavy things!


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            Thanks Stabby and lsutiger143... appreciate your kind words! I feel better... took my dog for a long walk and came home and relaxed and had a good primal dinner! I am just happy I found out the truth about nutrition now rather than when I am into a career. And, yes, at least I will have a degree and maybe it will give me some credibility to spread some primal wisdom!


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              Actually Healthy11, your conventional wisdom degree will help you when you teach/show others this way... people tend to believe people with degrees... or so it seems to me. Even in conventional settings you'll be able to make some adjustments in this direction. Frustrating as it now is. Hang in there and yeah, breathe.